Trendsetting guys wear floral art for prom boutonnieres

boutandtie NN3_660x375It can be hard to convince some guys that it’s cool to wear flowers, even to their high school prom. How can you inspire them to enjoy this popular tradition? Suggest they wear a piece of trendy floral art as their prom boutonniere instead. See the prom floral design recipes here.

Showcase your artwork

In advance, create artistic on-trend boutonniere forms to include in your shop’s prom collection. Using OASIS Floral Adhesive, glue fresh flower buds, orchids, berries, tiny succulents or pieces of foliage onto sample boutonnieres and photograph them. Use your photos to introduce this artsy and new prom fashion for guys on social media and in your blog. Create a display of these bout-art forms in your shop. Showcase them as floral artwork in museum-like settings. Consider using wide-molding picture frames to frame black velvet backgrounds that you can pin the forms to. Or try using silver or mirrored trays to display your designs. Prefer a more natural look? Cover the display shelving with fresh moss, river rock, or foliages. Lay the bout-art on top. Mark items with discreet but observable pricing labels or post a menu of pricing nearby. As customers select the pre-made bout forms, remove them from stock and attach their order. This helps to prevent overselling specific items and makes it fast and easy to add fresh flowers later.

Create boutonniere forms in advance

  • Using OASIS Jewelry Pliers, shape small pieces of decorative wire into cool and artistic forms.
  • Mix a variety of shapes and colors of OASIS Decorative Wire to create unique looks.
  • Accent with stones, beads, OASIS Beaded Wire, fibers, OASIS Rustic Wire or small pieces of OASIS Flat Wire or OASIS Midollino Sticks, Rustic Wire, textural foliage or ribbon.
  • Design items that are masculine, visually interesting and comfortable so young guys will be more likely to wear them.
  • For speed, work in rows of designs that require the same color and type of materials.
  • Need trendy colors you don’t have? No stress. Use OASIS Colour Regen Floral Spray Color to spray items the popular colors you need.
  • Create coordinating flower wristlets or floral jewelry to match, encouraging the purchase of ‘His ’n Hers’ sets.

Glue flowers in place

Before gluing, rub an oil-based product like Vaseline or lotion on your hands to help prevent the glue from sticking and make cleanup easier.
  • Place a small dab of glue like OASIS Floral Adhesive on a square of plastic to dip flower stems.
  • Dip the flower stem into the glue, then place it and hold it for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky and the flower stays in place.
  • Glue bonds to glue, so in addition to the flower stem, for extra security you can also place glue on the surface where the flower will sit.

Help keep the flowers fresh

  • Spray blooms with an anti-transpirant like Floralife Finishing Touch Spray or Floralife Clear Crowning Glory to enhance flower longevity.
  • Allow flowers to dry before packaging for the cooler.
  • Add a note to your packaging reminding students that flowers should be NOT be stored in the freezer. They should be refrigerated until they are to be worn.

No pins or magnets needed

Attach a strip of UGLU Adhesive Strips to the back of the form. Remove one side of the white paper strip and press the adhesive to the wire form. Leave the other paper strip in place until the design is ready to be worn. At prom time, remove the paper backing and adhere the bout to the tux lapel. Press into place and the boutonniere will stay on the jacket all evening. In advance, make a bout-art design on UGLU to wear for the day in your shop to see how well it works—and inspire customers to buy! Are you selling new floral art boutonnieres in your flower shop?

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