Welcome to OASIS Custom, your premier destination for custom cut OASIS foam. 

As industry leaders, we combine state of the art technology with the finest quality materials to provide the highest standard of custom cut floral foam. 

Our mission

Our mission at OASIS Custom is to revolutionize the floral industry by offering tailored precision cut OASIS foam that perfectly suits your unique requirements. No matter the size, shape, or scale of your project, we guarantee products that are designed to enhance the beauty of your arrangements while providing superior water absorption and long lasting freshness. 

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We welcome you to experience OASIS Custom, where your floral design begins. 


Step 1 Design & Specifications

An OASIS Custom representative will contact you to assist in the design process. 

Pick from one of our high quality foam types, our team can help you pick the best foam for your application.

Your design will then be reviewed by one of our product development engineers. 

Step 2 CAD 

With the use of Computer-Aided Design, we will design your custom cut to maximize accuracy. 

Step 3 Precision CNC Cutting

We have four state of the art CNC saws that are accurate to within 1/16". This means the perfect size, everytime. 

Step 4 Shipping

Something about how we can ship truckload, LtL, or ground depending on order size. 


OASIS Custom Cut foam is just one click away. 

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