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At Smithers-Oasis North America, we are deeply committed to nurturing growth and innovation within the floral industry. Our dedication extends beyond just manufacturing and distributing floral supplies to empowering the next generation of floral professionals and supporting the ongoing development of those already making their mark. Through targeted educational support, we aim to foster a vibrant community of knowledgeable, skilled, and inspired individuals who can continue to push the boundaries of creativity and excellence in the floral industry.

Our Focus

We prioritize support for educational programs and initiatives that align with our mission to enhance industry knowledge, skill, and innovation. Specifically, we aim to support:

1. 501(c)(3) Organizations: Non-profit entities recognized under the 501(c)(3) status, offering educational programs and resources to individuals in the floral industry.

2. Industry Associations: National, state, and local floral industry associations that provide educational workshops, seminars, and resources for their members.

3. Youth and Emerging Professionals: Initiatives specifically designed to support the education and professional development of young individuals and those just starting out in the floral industry.

Application Process

To ensure a transparent and equitable process, we invite interested organizations and initiatives to apply for funding through the following steps:

1. Submission of Proposal: Interested parties should submit a detailed proposal outlining the nature of their educational program, objectives, target audience, and how the support from Smithers-Oasis will be utilized.

2. Alignment with Company Values: Proposals should clearly demonstrate alignment with Smithers-Oasis' mission to support education within the floral industry, with a particular focus on programs that benefit youth and emerging professionals.

3. Demonstration of Impact: Applicants must provide evidence of past successes or a detailed plan illustrating the potential impact of their program on the industry.

4. Financial Planning: A clear budget outline should be included, detailing how funds will be allocated to ensure the program's success.

5. Educational efforts taking place in the USA or Canada: Smithers-Oasis North America serves the floral community in the USA and Canada. If your event is taking place outside of these locations, please find your local Smithers-Oasis branch here.

Review and Selection

Proposals will be reviewed on a regular basis by a committee comprising Smither-Oasis team members and industry experts. Selection will be based on the proposal’s alignment with our mission, potential impact, and financial viability.

How to Apply

To apply for educational support from Smithers-Oasis, please fill out the form linked below. You will need the following:

• A detailed proposal as outlined above

• Proof of 501(c)(3) status (if applicable)

• Letters of recommendation or support from industry associations or community members (optional)

 • A detailed budget outline

Apply Here

Our Commitment

Smithers-Oasis North America is committed to investing in the future of the floral industry by supporting those who seek to improve their knowledge, skills, and professional opportunities. Through this educational support policy, we hope to contribute to a flourishing industry that continues to inspire and innovate for generations to come.