How We Bloom is an oasis of flower Ideas. Design. Sales. Marketing. Business. Every great success story starts with one simple idea. A challenge that requires change. Like the unfurling petals of a flower we grow by changing form. This growth opens us up to new ideas and opportunities. On How We Bloom we interview guests who dare to do things differently. People who plant seeds, grow ideas and bloom to their full potential. Our guests share their ideas in steps as easy as 1-2-3. We listen. Learn. Grow.
And, that’s How We Bloom!


Jackie Lacey

Invest in Yourself - with Jackie Lacey

Investing in yourself is essential for continued personal growth. Learning new skills. Networking with peers. Building confidence. Feeding your passion for the work you do. As the format of business continues to change, so do our educational opportunities. Which learning strategy works best for you?
In this podcast, Sharon McGukin and Jackie Lacey explore the pros and cons of in-person, virtual, and on-demand classes.

Mastering the Art of Floral Paint - with Gretchen Sell

Are you "Mastering the Art of Floral Paint" in this time of flower shortages, painted foliage trends and on-trend metallics? We see the different types of paint (aka color spray) products on shelves in wholesale supply departments. Do you know how each is best used?
In this podcast, we explore the latest tips and techniques for using color spray with flowers by asking the master. Design Master. Education and Creative Director Gretchen Sell of DM joins us to answer our questions.

Flower Healing -
with Jill Manson

South African floral designer, Jill Manson, believes in the powerful energy of flowers and plants.


Marketing on a Shoestring -
with Laura Rich

"Spoiler Alert! There is no silver bullet to marketing," explains marketing director, Laura Rich.


Locally Grown - Flower Farming -
with Lia Fleming

When advertising exec, Lia Fleming, discovered her budding passion for flowers – she dug in deep. 


Pricing for Profits -
with Joyce Mason-Monheim

Don't just make it pretty, make it profitable. In 'Pricing for Profits," Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF


Welcome Message -
with Sharon McGukin

A flower trend podcast with Sharon McGukin that’s blooming with ideas.


Commit to Change -
with Todd Bussey AIFD

Being disciplined about your numbers can grow your business says, Todd Bussey AIFD. Here's how.


Partnering with Your Customer -
with Drew McGukin

"Partnering with your customer creates a spirit of collaboration," suggests Drew McGukin of Drew McGukin Interiors.


Trend Story: Less is More -
with Klaus Wagener

“Less is more" says Klaus Wagener of Minden, Germany. Explaining the emerging post-pandemic trend.