How We Bloom is an oasis of flower Ideas. Design. Sales. Marketing. Business. Every great success story starts with one simple idea. A challenge that requires change. Like the unfurling petals of a flower we grow by changing form. This growth opens us up to new ideas and opportunities. On How We Bloom we interview guests who dare to do things differently. People who plant seeds, grow ideas and bloom to their full potential. Our guests share their ideas in steps as easy as 1-2-3. We listen. Learn. Grow.
And, that’s How We Bloom!


Welcome Message -
with Sharon McGukin

A flower trend podcast with Sharon McGukin
that’s blooming with ideas.

Commit to Change -
with Todd Bussey AIFD

Being disciplined about your numbers can grow your business says, Todd Bussey AIFD. Here's how.

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Partnering with Your Customer -
with Drew McGukin

"Partnering with your customer creates a spirit of collaboration," suggests Drew McGukin of Drew McGukin Interiors - based in NYC.  

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Trend Story: Less is More -
with Klaus Wagener

“Less is more" says Klaus Wagener of Minden, Germany. Explaining the emerging post-pandemic trend. That doesn't mean doing without. It suggests developing a lifestyle of "consuming consciously while preserving natural resources."

Flower Healing
with Jill Manson

South African floral designer, Jill Manson, believes in the powerful energy of flowers and plants. She offers intuitive hands-on “Flower Healing” classes using a blend of floral elements with spiritual elements and floral design with personal introspection. Jill shares her flower-class instructional techniques with us in this How We Bloom podcast.