'One-size-fits-all' wrist corsage is Most Inspirational Corsage Design

INSPIRE Floral Showcase prom corsage floral design Donna Fitzen wanted to design an on-trend, easy to wear prom corsage that expressed simplicity and sophistication. When she accomplished that goal, she submitted a photo of her design to the OASIS Floral Products Inspire Floral Design Showcase 2015. The Nampa, Idaho, floral designer’s elegant one-size-fits-all wrist corsage was chosen as the Most Inspirational Corsage Floral Design. Designs selected as most inspirational in each category are featured in OASIS Floral Products print advertising in North America during 2016. Simplicity and sophistication “My inspiration for this design came from the latest trends in prom dresses, hair styles and even the dates themselves,” Fitzen explained. “In past years, prom styles have been flirty, playful and youthful. This year the styles are trending to a more sophisticated prom experience with an emphasis on simplicity.”

Begin with the bracelet

INSPIRE Floral Showcase prom original entry As the base of her design, Fitzen used gold OASIS Aluminum Wire to braid a bendable bracelet. “The designer wristlet formed of gold aluminum wire is a great choice because it really is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bracelet,” she said. This can also be a great design option when making wedding wrist corsages for small children. The possibilities are endless for the types of ornamentation, swirls and curls that can be made using the easily bendable wire. In addition to using aluminum wire, this same style of bracelet can be easily produced using various colors or widths of OASIS Flat Wire. OASIS Jewelry Pliers are an excellent tool to use when shaping decorative wire into flexible forms.

Choose long-lasting materials

Fitzen wanted to add blooms atop the gold bow she had attached to her braided wire form. With flower longevity in mind, she selected orchids and succulents to use for her corsage. “I chose to incorporate succulents and orchids in this corsage for their simple elegance and hardiness,” she said. “While seemingly delicate, they are actually quite hardy.” “While other flower choices may wilt over the course of the evening, this corsage still looked fresh and lovely after three days. Orchids are also lightweight, making the corsage less cumbersome.”

Glue blooms in place

Fitzen used OASIS® Floral Adhesive to secure the orchids and succulents to the wire and ribbon form. She added decorative gold accents and rhinestones to complete the modern look. This rich mix of materials resulted in an upscale prom wristlet with a romantic flair.

Expand the idea

prominspire5Other flowers that might be used for this type of design could include roses or spray roses, daisies and other varieties of orchids. What are your favorite flowers to use in a prom corsage? Offering ‘His ‘n Her’ packaged sets is always a good idea. The prom couple looks nice in their photos wearing coordinating flowers. Experiment with the same type of wire braiding techniques for designing other floral accessories such as a boutonniere for him or floral ring, headpiece, shoe-sage or armbands for her.

Keep it fresh!

Along with fresh new ideas for prom, Fitzen wanted her flowers to remain fresh as well. To help keep corsage flowers fresh, spray blooms with an anti-transpirant like Floralife Finishing Touch Spray or Floralife Clear Crowning Glory. Allow the flowers to dry before packaging. Refrigerate until prom time. What interesting decorative wire forms have you made for your wristlets?

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