Gluing flowers into prom wristlets is fast and easy

designing prom wristlets In the past, designing a prom wristlet meant wiring and taping flowers together to create a fashionable corsage. With its long hours of finger-tiring handwork, prom season was one florists could easily have dreaded! Today, new easy ‘glue and go’ techniques and trendy decorative accents make it more enjoyable for designers to create prom wristlets girls enjoy wearing.

The interesting thing about selling to prom kids

For many kids, prom is their first flower purchase. Make it fun and easy for them to buy flowers, and you could be grooming future customers for your flower shop. Prom night is an exciting time for students. Each wants their date to feel special wearing their gift of flowers. Offering ‘His ‘n Hers’ corsage and boutonniere packages is a good way to ensure the flowers look great together in photos. Smithers-Oasis Design Director Loann Burke AIFD, AAF, PFCI, of Furst the Florist in Dayton, Ohio, designed the colorful corsages and matching boutonnieres shown above. Photos by Sarah Babcock Studios. Prom wristlet OASIS Floral Products

For ease of design, glue flowers into wristlets

  • Choose a wristlet like the Lomey Wrap Wristlet Classic Silver
  • Add wire or ribbon bow as the base to glue flowers into
  • Place a small dab of glue like OASIS Floral Adhesive on a square of plastic to dip flower stems
  • Dip the flower stem into the glue, then place it and hold it for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky and the flower stays in place
  • Glue bonds to glue, so in addition to the flower stem, for extra security you can also place glue on the surface where the flower will sit
Before gluing, rub an oil-based product like Vaseline or lotion on your hands to help prevent the glue from sticking and make cleanup easier.

 Set up a production line

  • Slip a PVC pipe inside a row of bracelets to make it easy to glue several at one time. For speed, work on segments of designs that require flowers of the same color.
  • Glue flowers into the row of wristlets.
  • Spray with an anti-transpirant like Floralife Finishing Touch Spray or Floralife Clear Crowning Glory.
  • Allow flowers to dry before packaging for the cooler.
Remember to create comfortable designs and your prom customers will be more likely to wear them.

Prom kids grow up to be brides and grooms

Prom kids grow up to be brides and grooms, create their own families and celebrate life events that are enhanced with flowers! Make the most of this opportunity by investing your time and talents creating a good flower buying experience for these young people so they become loyal customers. What tips for designing wristlets can you share with us?

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