The top five holiday floral decoration locations in a home

When it's time to entertain for the Holidays, most people start by decorating in five prominent places.

Front Door Holiday Floral Decoration

Decorating the entrance of a home is important. More people may see a home from outside during the holidays. Make a bold statement with floral decorations on, around and beside the main entrance. Creating a 'grand entrance' with floral garland, wreath and other dramatic dramatic shapes can make visitors feel special. Clear Cheer Holiday Floral Arrangement Vase Centerpiece

Dining Table Centerpieces

Sharing a meal is a favorite holiday tradition. A beautiful floral centerpiece on the table makes everyone feel warm and welcome. Create a tablescape using things you love. A horizontal design can be designed low so everyone can see and connect with each other, while a tall design might fit better on a table crowded with a delicious holiday meal.

Mantle Decorations

Decorating the mantle is a natural choice as it offers eye-catching space. If there is a fireplace but no mantle, place a larger design on the hearth instead. In the absence of a fireplace or mantle, choose another space in the main room to decorate. A sofa table, credenza, or perhaps wall art can become the focus.

Kitchen Wreaths and Centerpieces

Good Tidings Holiday Floral Arrangement Centerpiece If people will be gathering in the kitchen, you can add a festive floral flair! Design and place centerpieces on a kitchen table or countertop. You can place a wreath or other design on a door or wall. The goal is to select a noticeable area that makes your kitchen feel festive.

Accent Special Areas

Each house has its own special features that can be highlighted. A holiday floral garland will call attention to interesting architectural details such as a lovely staircase. Flowers in the powder room are a nice touch and arrangements can be as small or large as space allows. Elsewhere, if there is a table in a prominent space-a foyer, for example-add an arrangement there.

Relax and enjoy

Whether you are decorating for clients or yourself, it can seem overwhelming! Creating a list of goals and breaking down the floral plan into manageable tasks will make the job easier. Start with one area and go from there. When placing arrangements, try to allow enough time to decorate without rushing. Before you know it, you may be having fun! 'Decorate with things you love!'

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