Create easy and fun floral centerpieces!

You can amaze guests this holiday season with simple-to-create wedding or party centerpiece designs. How? With Lomey Designer Dishes.
Floral centerpiece dishes Lomey Design Systems
They may look like flying saucers, but LOMEY Designer Dishes are a down-to- earth product useful for many purposes. Sometimes called a LOMEY tray, these practical design dishes are an industry staple. They can be painted, stacked, glued together or elevated on LOMEY Columns and Pedestals.

Easy to deliver large centerpieces

Want to make a large centerpiece that's easy to deliver?
centerpieces 2
  • Hot glue floral foam directly into the dish and attach OASIS Waterproof Tape, drop the whole thing into water to soak. Arrange your flowers in the foam filled LOMEY dish.
  • Place the flower filled flat dish on your delivery vehicle floor.
  • When you reach your destination, simply place the design atop a large vase, urn or pedestal for an impressive design that was easy to deliver.

Fun to stack

This flat design dish comes in six, nine, eleven and fifteen-inch diameters, each with a one-inch lip for holding water. You can intermix the heights and sizes for a spectacular asymmetrical design. To create a stacked look, glue the bottoms of two Lomey dishes together, one turned down and one turned up for holding foam. Then glue the design dishes atop the Columns or Pedestals with LOMEY Adhesive.

Easy additions

Use the Universal Piece to connect the design dishes to the columns or pedestals. Choose from clear, black and white or paint them! Glue the pieces with LOMEY Adhesive, which is waterproof and dries clear. An easy product to use with the pedestal system is LOMEY Pedestal Foam. The large and small cages with OASIS® Floral Foam have a solid flat base that allows you to securely add fresh flowers to your column or pedestal display.

Easily create a lovely tablescape

You can quickly and easily create a lovely tablescape with Lomey dishes. Place dishes in a row and create a long centerpiece of fresh flowers. Number the designs so you know the order when placing them on the table during delivery. Just add votive, taper or pillar candles to create a party atmosphere.

Enjoy now or anytime!

Enjoy using LOMEY Designer Dishes this holiday season for your floral arrangements. Whether creating simple or complex designs, take this favorite dish to your next party! 'Flowers are the life of the party!'

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