5 ideas for a front door floral face-lift

Whether you're designing for clients or for your own home, this holiday season consider a facelift... a front door floral facelift, that is. Celebrate the spirit of the season with a new look. At the entrance of a home, welcome guests with a preview of what they'll find inside. Fresh, faux, dried, metallic, or natural materials can all work well here. A juxtaposition of natural versus sophisticated materials may just be the fix you need. Try mixing matte with shiny finishes and rough with smooth textures for an interesting new vibe.

Gather materials old, new and and natural

You can include old or favorite 'used and bruised' decorations to add to your floral arrangements. Cherish the obvious wear and tear of previous years or update their look with glitter, metallic floral color sprays or decorative wire accents. Gather available fresh materials such as fruits and berries, pods and cones, branches, holly, cedar, magnolia, pine or other winter foliages to mix with other elements.

Try these 5 ideas for floral front door décor

  • Place a decorative fresh or faux wreath or swag on or beside the door. For a rustic flair add bird nests, woven baskets, or old vintage bells. Create a wintry look using Christmas stockings, frosty snowflakes or stars. Fill repurposed boots, watering can or a tin bucket with décor for unique flair.
  • Hang garlands over the doorway or on a railing nearby. Mix the smell of fresh greens with the longevity of faux foliages together. Add flowers, fruit, vines, or cones for a natural flair. Incorporate shiny Christmas ornaments or colorful millimeter balls.
  • Fill large containers with floral foam to hold an arrangement beside the door. Cluster branches, berries, birch logs or pinecones with winter foliages. Use topiaries made of fresh or faux plant materials or flowers. Incorporate vine or painted shapes of angels, Santa or reindeer into foliage.
  • Display a fruit-filled swag above the door, on windowsills, or a nearby lamppost. Affix fruits, vegetables, dried flowers, herbs, nuts, dried fruits or foliages. Magnolia, boxwood, holly and mistletoe are popular for backing these swags. Using pineapples in your design represent hospitality for your guests.
  • Utilize empty wall space alongside the door to create a holiday vignette. Position the family sled, snowshoes or skates amongst wintergreens. Use letters or words like Joy and Believe to share a holiday message. Tuck Lanterns or lights of all shapes and sizes into your displays.

Include family in your front door floral facelift

If you're designing for yourself or friends, include family members in the fun of creating a grand entrance for your holiday events. When it comes to festive decorations, bring out the old and blend in some new to give front door décor a holiday facelift. 'Share the fun with your family!'

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