Three tips for stunning and practical holiday floral centerpieces

Many Americans enjoy sharing a meal with family and friends during the holidays. Whether you are creating arrangements for clients or your own home, adding beautiful holiday floral centerpieces to the table can make loved ones feel like special guests!

Horizontal or vertical?

holiday floral centerpiece A horizontal design is the most practical for a seated meal. Guests can gather around the table, see each other's faces, and converse with ease. A tall and showy vertical design adds a festive look for guests gathering around a buffet table laden with food.

Create personalized Holiday floral centerpieces

Holiday décor can be made of many things including fresh or faux materials. Create personalized centerpieces by using things you love to design with. Celebrate color and texture by combining your favorite mix of flowers, fruits and foliages. Accent your design with cones, twigs or feathers. Incorporate collectibles such as Santas, angels, snowmen, etc., into the mix. Highlight with candles and let the celebration begin! (See more holiday floral arrangements using a variety of materials).

Setting a formal table?

Formal table settings require more space. This may require a smaller arrangement or the need to place flowers in an alternate place. Ease of conversation is most important at formal dinner parties so keep the centerpiece low and long. Structured designs with intricate detail work well. Silver, crystal, glass, porcelain and china are popular choices for the container of a formal centerpiece.

Planning a casual gathering?

Apple Berry Glow holiday floral centerpiece A casual meal usually requires less tableware, leaving more space for the centerpiece. Natural, unstructured, even oversized designs work well here, especially if the meal is served buffet style. This is an opportunity to make a bold statement with flowers, berries and branches. Metal, pottery, colored glass, bamboo and repurposed containers are often popular looks for casual gatherings.

No space on the table?

Tie ribbons or decorative wire onto the chandelier to hang fresh flowers, in water tubes, over the table. Place flower arrangements on a kitchen countertop or nearby furnishings. Add a fresh wreath on a very visible wall or large mirror in the room. Hang a floral garland over the doorway leading into the room.

Flowers welcome guests!

Beautiful flowers and holiday festivities go together. Like good food, fine wine and comfortable surroundings, flowers add to our quality of life.

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