The story behind the Most Inspirational spring wedding bouquet design

Cascading wedding bouquet OASIS Floral Products Inspire Showcase most inspirational design Floral designers love the smile that lights a bride’s face when she sees her bouquet and loves it. According to Lori Himes AIFD of ABloom Ltd. in Walkersville, Maryland, that feeling is even more satisfying when the bride is also your beloved niece.

‘Sarah’s Smile’ Cascade Bouquet

When Himes learned of OASIS Floral Products' Inspire Floral Design Showcase 2015 for wedding bouquets, she submitted a photo of the one she designed for her niece Sarah’s wedding. ‘Sarah’s Smile’ was chosen as the Most Inspirational Wedding Floral Design. See the ad created from Himes' design on this page.


“My inspiration for the bouquet was the bride herself,” said Himes. “Sarah is a very focused young lady. Not fluffy or frilly. She is straight and tall. In fact, she is so lean, that a bling belt was added to give her a defined waist. I didn't want to cover the belt up with my design,” explained Himes. Sarah wore a simple lace dress featuring princess lines and a bit of flare at the hem. She loved the Blue Bom Dendrobium orchids and wanted to carry a cascade.


Striving for a clean and modern look, Himes began her design by encircling callas around an OASIS WEDDING BELLE® Straight Handle Bouquet Holder. She used hydrangea and sweet peas to form the focal area of the design and created the structural line of the bouquet with orchids. FLORALOCK™ Plus Stem Adhesive was used to secure the flowers into the foam. We reconstructed the design to illustrate those steps for you. Creating a cascading wedding bouquet Creating a cascading wedding bouquet “Adding OASIS Bullion Wire in silver was the perfect solution for keeping the bouquet light in look and feel. OASIS Diamond Wire added sparkle without being fussy” shared Himes.  Using OASIS Floral Adhesive, she covered the padded handle with satin ribbon. Sarah’s grandmother’s brooch was added as the bouquet’s finishing touch.

Could these flowers be used in a different style?

Absolutely. In fact, we created a more traditional cascade as an example, which you can see on this page. While design options are important, the bride’s signature style should be the first consideration. What other cascading styles can you imagine using this flower combination for your brides?


Primary to the plan of this design were the lines of the bride’s dress and her preference for Blue Bom orchids. Attention to detail is always key. Ask your brides for a description and if possible a photo of their dress. Ask their preference of color, design style, and favorite flowers. These details help you to personalize their bouquet.


How does Himes continue to polish her skills? “I like to enter at last three design competitions a year,” she said. This helps keep her on track with current trends and gives her valuable feedback. What design opportunities can you take advantage of to enhance your skills? And what is the secret to your brides’ smiles?

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