Design Sensational Wedding Floral Centerpieces

Sensational wedding floral centerpiecesWhen it comes to wedding reception décor, an impressive centerpiece is surely the belle of the ball. Today, we explore the dramatic effect of sensational wedding centerpieces with photos shared by international floral design artists Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Tomas De Bruyne from their 2015 EMC+ Intimate to Ultimate Bridal Decor Workshop in Atlanta. Our previous two IDEA Mail entries on wedding floral designs, Amazing Wedding Aisles and Creative Cascades, also feature stunning photos from the Hitomi and De Bruyne workshop.

Classic Romance

“There is nothing more beautiful than this Classic Romance table with its centerpiece designed of David Austin roses in subtle color variations,” said Hitomi when I asked her about this first gorgeous design. “To romanticize the design, cut strands of Stephanotis vine were placed to gracefully tumble down to the tabletop, connecting the clusters of smaller designs on the table,” she said. “This design gives an unobstructed view for all those sitting at the table.” To create the base, three candelabra were clustered in the center of the table. A clear LOMEY® Designer Dish filled with OASIS® Deluxe Floral Foam Maxlife was used as floral mechanic and water source. “It was lifted atop the candelabra to create a formidable crown above the table,” said Hitomi. You could also use an OASIS Floracage Grande Holder or OASIS Jumbo Cage as the mechanic for this design.

Tropical Romance

Sensational wedding floral centerpiecesHitomi shared her inspiration for this next inventive design as well. “To create the effect of this Tropical Romance table, one must keep it transparent, loose and random,” she explained. “To maintain the dynamic flow from one candelabra to the other, floral materials are used in a way that looks like one design is growing into the other. This keeps the design from looking heavy and static. “To accessorize the Tropical Romance table decoration, lengths of rigid aluminum flat rods were extended from one candelabrum to another. To achieve the complementary Art Nouveau-like curly ornamentation, one-half inch Silver OASIS Flat Wire was used. Sensational wedding floral centerpieces“The key to mimicking the Nouveau feel is to keep the curls open-ended like a tendril, loose and airy. You can see how this then relates to the Passion Vine tendrils used alongside.” According to Hitomi, “You can never go wrong when being inspired by nature or the arts!”

How can you create sensational centerpieces for your events?

Design for impact

Place your high impact designs in the most noticeable places. Consider the bridal party table, reserved tables, an entrance or a focal area for these designs. Use unexpected form, surprising materials or overstated scale to inspire guests with a sense of awe for your flowers.

Mix it up

Use arrangements of different heights, containers or design styles to keep your reception from looking like a banquet. Designate the tables where you want to place your high impact designs, then complete the room with designs of lesser scale. When you look across the space you’ll see designs that are tall, medium height or low on the tables. This gives a greater perception of depth to a room.

Create mood with color

Choose soft and sensual or rich saturated colors for a romantic look. Add fun and energy to a room with intensely bright or neon colors. Select a monochromatic theme for a look of simplicity and style.

Highlight with candlelight

Use candles to accent your centerpieces and create the ambiance you desire. Twelve inches and below lights the table, 15 to 18 inches lights faces and 24 to 36 inches lights the atmosphere. Alternating the soft glow of candlelight throughout a room creates a more intimate feel. Sensational centerpieces add flair to celebratory events and they are fun to create. Which of these innovative ideas could you use for your wedding events? “Create a sensation with your flowers.”

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