Large floral foam for large designs: Design big, get creative and save time!

It doesn't take much experience creating large floral designs to appreciate how having the right size and configuration of floral foam makes the job easier. For large designs, starting with large floral foam makes sense. Reducing size is easy: you just cut with a knife. Of course, if you're making many of the same design, precut pieces save you lots of time. This is why OASIS Floral offers more than 390 floral foam configurations including size, shape, foam type, backing, color, holders, cages, handles and more. Large block floral foam OASIS Floral

Bigger can be challenging

Making bigger than standard pieces can be a more time consuming challenge. Configuring, gluing, waiting and shaping can all be worth it when you are cooking up a fabulous unique arrangement. Even so, we have some products that'll make your life easier, if you plan a couple days ahead.

Building bricks (and blocks)

First, there are OASIS® Grande Bricks, which at 9 by 4.75 by 6 inches, are the size of two standard bricks. Then there are OASIS Designer Blocks, which at 12 by 9 by 6 inches equal six standard bricks. Both are Deluxe OASIS Floral Foam MaxLife with Enhanced Biodegradability.

Carve away with Sculpting Sheet!

There's also OASIS Sculpting Sheet, a sandwich of OASIS Floral Foam MaxLife and Styrofoam® that's 3.5 inches thick and 22 inches square. As the name implies, Sculpting Sheet is perfect for carving and combining shapes wherever your imagination takes you.

Floral walls video now online

Speaking of big, floral walls have grown in popularity recently with good reason. If your event has the budget, a large display of flowers makes an incredible impression. To make building large flat arrangements easier, we introduced OASIS Floral Foam Tiles earlier this year and added a step-by-step photo series on Now you can also watch the floral wall video as OASIS Floral Design Directors Frank Feysa, AIFD, and Kevin Ylvisaker, AIFD, PFCI, demonstrate how to create a vertical arrangement and attach it to a structure. Design big this week!


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LiaicaNuh July 25, 2020

Hi have to do a rubics cube as funeral tribute, what is the best way to do this with oasis floral foam please



marilyn clarke June 22, 2020

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