Glue flowers and floral decorations fast, easy and clean with UGlu

UGLu floral adhesive from OASIS Floral ProductsWhen an instant hold for flowers, wire, fibers, or crafts is needed, UGlu™ is one of my favorite Smithers-Oasis products. It's a clean and easy way to design, attach or repair materials quickly. The number of ways the non-toxic and biodegradable 'glue' can be used is amazing!

What is UGlu?

No-mess and easy-to-use UGlu is an industrial-strength adhesive that adheres securely to almost anything, yet it can also be easily removed without leaving permanent residue like normal glue. With it, you can glue flowers and floral decorations fast and easy! UGlu goes on like double-sided tape and comes in three-inch strips, half-inch dashes or a 65-foot roll of three-quarter inch strip.

How can UGlu be used with flowers?

  • As the base of a boutonniere
  • Decorating bouquet handles
  • Incorporating flowers on clothing
  • Covering boxes with foliage or ribbons
  • Adding fresh flowers to the outside of a vase
  • Attaching decorative materials to vases, bouquets or other surfaces

Guidelines and tips for UGlu

For guidelines on how to properly apply UGlu to glue flowers and floral decorations—and to see more designs created with the product—visit the How to glue with UGlu page on UGlu Adhesive is a clean, easy way to design, attach or repair materials quickly including non-floral applications like hems! What interesting ways of using UGlu can you think of?

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