4 easy ways to make designs shine with decorative wire!

Neville with decorative floral wire I just love decorative wire. I can't say enough good things about it. In fact, I keep at least half a roll in my suitcase whenever I travel, even to non-floral occasions. I never know when I might want it. Decorative wire allows you to make a floral design as unique as you want to make it. It's a low-cost way to add value to a flower, arrangement or vase that's all you, which is important for all of us!

Like a backup dancer

Done right, a decorative accent like wire should serve like a good backup dancer or singer: draw attention to and complement the main act, our beautiful flowers, but never overwhelm!

Start simple

I use basic Aluminum Wire for everything. It's versatile, malleable and comes in a great range of fabulous colors (14, to be exact!). You can use it above and below water, on glass and ceramic and with fresh and permanent flowers. And it makes a wicked base for floral jewelry! If you're going to pick one wire, I recommend Aluminum Wire. As I write this, I'm wearing a boutonniere made with Aluminum Wire. As florists, it's important to show off what we do whenever we can!

Try a little

When people tell me they don't like using wire, together we often discover it's because they aren't comfortable designing with it or don't understand how to use it properly in their daily design work. I praise the virtues of decorative wire at every show and demonstration I do! I get so excited when I watch folks embrace the benefits of this wonderful addition to our design resources. Once you discover how to use wire, you'll use it all the time! The best way to get started is to try a little. One of my favorites is to match wire colours to the floral palette, giving the arrangement a quick (and easy and cost-effective) boost! Making cascading circles for floral arrangements with decorative wire!

Four design ideas with decorative wire

  • For a hand-tied bouquet, use decorative wire instead of ribbon or tape for a colourful and contemporary approach.
  • Create wire loops over a bouquet or arrangement to shelter and frame the flowers. This adds not only interest to the design, but importance to flowers below (not to mention the perceived value!).
  • Add tight cascading loops of wire (see how Loann Burke does it in this video) to strengthen the colour and add glorious movement to an arrangement.
  • Here's a really fast and simple one: just moosh up lots of wire, put it in or atop a clear vase, then add your flowers. The coloured wires add a lot to the design as well as acting as an armature for support.

Keep on the cutting edge

Wire has opened so many doors as far as decorative accents. There's strung wire, beaded wire, flat wire, snakeskin wire, diamond wire and more. I love them all, but my dependable tried and true is Aluminum Wire. Accents allow me to express my creativity and keep on the cutting edge of design. And it's fun! I advise strength when are tempted to use it on everything. Like cilantro, you don't want to use it in every dish. It should always support the main act and not compete with the center of attention! Happy creating!
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