Read the Six Most-Read 2017 Wedding Blogs

As the new year begins, you‘ll be inundated with brides ready to plan spring weddings. What trendy new ideas will you have to share? Revisit our six most-read 2017 Idea Weekly wedding blogs to discover trend-savvy design tips and techniques you can use to upsell your 2018 weddings.

Four Designers Share Floral Wedding Arbor Decorating Tips

Floral wedding arbor | OASIS Floral Products Floral wedding arbors were a popular and on-trend solution for creating a focal point for wedding ceremonies, again this year. These floral beauties can present a challenge for designers because they typically must be installed on-site. With a variety of techniques available for securing flowers to arbors, florists must decide which mechanic is best for speeding up the on-site decorating process. Four floral pros share with us their opinions on what works best for them. Try the tips they offer as you construct wedding arbor designs in 2018. Read the Blog  

Make Bespoke Bouquets Easier with this (egg-shaped) Novel Mechanic

Bespoke garden style floral bouquets | OASIS Floral Products Bespoke garden style bouquets were popular in the 1940’s and recently experienced a resurgence as a bridal favorite. The construction of this unarranged style of bouquet differs from traditional hand-tieds in that a floral mechanic is used as the foundation. Since weight is a concern for these over-sized designs, a handcrafted egg-shaped form of light-weight chicken wire is often used to help support the bouquet. A wire armature is recommended as the floral mechanic of choice in this blog. The flat and square wire armature is easily pressed into an oval egg-shape in just moments—making the bouquet just as lightweight but faster and easier to design. Follow the design tips shared here to create these on-trend bouquets for your 2018 brides. Read the Blog  

Why Create Floral Designs with Hanging Glass Tubes?

The on-trend look of flower-filled glass tubes adds visual interest to modern designs used for everyday, event and wedding decor. Whether hung or attached, glass tubes offer a decorative water source when placing fresh flowers in challenging places. These trendy containers can help to express organic, artistic or abstract design styles. Haven’t worked with hanging glass tubes? You’ll find them easy to use. This blog explains the technical how-to of hanging or attaching the tubes to add a fresh look to your wedding structures and centerpieces. Read the Blog  

Don’t Wilt! How Fresh Flowers Can Survive Hot Wedding Days

Fall wedding flowers are especially beautiful in their juxtaposition of rich color and texture. But temperatures can fluctuate wildly as the seasons change. When it’s so hot groomsmen chill their jackets in a walk-in cooler, how can you keep fresh wedding flowers cool? Three floral pros designed fresh flowers for an outdoor wedding in California wine country in uncharacteristically hot weather. They share helpful hints for the care and handling, floral mechanics and products they used to help their flowers survive the extreme heat. Read the Blog  

Use Playful Bouquets to Attract Brides at Local Shows Searching for a new design idea to introduce at your next bridal show?

Debbie Strand AIFD, ICPF was just playing around when she created an inspirational wedding bouquet for a local bridal show that turned out to be a real showstopper. In addition to bouquets, Debbie knows that matching accessories are important to show at bridal fairs: boutonnieres, headpieces, wristlets, centerpieces and more. These details help brides to envision the artistry required for all her wedding flowers. “I’ve always loved to create things; I finished most of the pieces for the event and was just “playing” when this bouquet came together,” says Debbie. “Sometimes, the best designs happen that way!” She shares the story of her playful design in this blog. Read the Blog  

15 Things You Need to Know About 2018 Wedding Trends

Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products How can you become the floral go-to source for wedding style in your area? “Stay on top of the latest styles and design trends,” suggests floral trends analyst Michael J. Skaff AIFD, PFCI, AAF of Savannah, Georgia. Michael collaborated with International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD) to predict 2018 design trends for their annual Flower Trends Forecast. Selling to trend is an excellent way to attract wedding couples, grow your floral business, and upsell an event. In this blog, Michael and IFD offer trend-focused advice to florists who can use the information as a sales tool for upselling 2018 weddings. Read the Blog  

Blend floral trends with personal taste

Florists can use floral trends to update their wedding style and attract new brides. Carefully tailor your weddings to each bride by blending a touch of trend so the wedding is fashionable with enough of her signature style to personalize it. The beauty is in the balance of customizing current wedding trends to accommodate personal taste. Revisit these six popular wedding blogs for a refresher on tips and techniques that can help you prepare for the upcoming wedding season. Which of the six wedding blogs was your favorite?

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