How you can easily display small floral arrangements anywhere with IGLU®

IGLU I love it when I come across a product that makes my life easier, a go-to gadget that saves time and effort and accomplishes a task beautifully. And if that product has 101 uses? Even better! I always have a stash of Oasis IGLU® Holders on hand. These caged little domes of foam, which come in regular and grande, are super convenient and ready to use to display small floral arrangements practically anywhere. They're complete with a plastic base and side tabs that let me simply soak, design and attach them anywhere. Rather than wasting time and effort trying to figure out how to anchor a small piece of foam or configure a contraption that will do the job, I grab an IGLU and go. IGLU floral foam caged holders for small floral arrangements

IGLUs are perfect for:

  • Adding floral accents to posts, arbors, canopies, chuppahs and gazebos. Use a chenille, zip tie, OASIS™ Bind Wire, etc., through the side tabs for easy anchoring.
  • A taper candle centerpiece. Spikes built into the base act as an anchor for taper candles, and the Deluxe OASIS® Floral Foam allows for lots of stem insertions for the perfect centerpiece.
  • A suspended floral display. Attach a single IGLU Holder to the bottom of a chandelier, or wire two back-to-back to create a beautiful overhead presentation.
  • A fresh pop in a permanent centerpiece or wreath. Spruce up a permanent centerpiece with an addition of fresh blooms. An IGLU provides an ample water source for flowers to last far longer than tube insertions. Adding fresh flowers to a grapevine or permanent holiday wreath can add both fragrance and freshness.
  • A splash of fresh in a holiday tree. IGLUs are the perfect way to add fresh flowers to a permanent or fresh Christmas tree. Use the side tabs for easy anchoring. What a great way to liven up the holiday decor!
  • Adding a fresh accent to a fruit or gourmet basket.
  • Cake tops, place cards, table numbers, and favors.
IGLU is my go-to solution for so many situations-at least 94 more! And as they're made with Deluxe OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife, they help the flowers last longer while keeping stems secure. Keep a supply of versatile IGLU Holders on hand and you'll discover endless possibilities! Have fun and create beautiful designs that brighten the world and please you and your audience.

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