3 ways to foam floral container arrangements like a pro

FreshGreensFloralArrangment The Fresh Greens arrangement is foamed above the lip
"You've chosen the perfect container for the occasion. You have the design in mind. Now you need to decide how to foam your vessel, whether it's a low pavé design in a bowl, a tall draping arrangement in ceramic or a sleek creation in contemporary glass.

How we were taught

Most of us were taught to foam floral container arrangements leaving a half inch to an inch above the lip. While this works well for many designs, it's unnecessary and even suboptimal for others. Use too much foam and it takes more time, effort and product to cover it up. Use too little and you may not be able to insert the flowers and foliage for maximum effect. Ultimately, green floral foam is a mechanic that should not be seen. (And now with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife, it's a mechanic that actually helps the arrangement last longer. But that's a topic for another day!)

Three foaming techniques and when to use them

foamabovelip Foaming above the lip
Here are three foaming techniques to consider when choosing both a container and the design that will inhabit it.

Above the lip

Foaming above the lip of the container is perfect for:
  • Radial designs that spill over the edge of the vessel.
  • Draping and cascading designs in which flowers and foliage are inserted at more of an upward angle to allow the material to drape.
  • Triangular designs, in which flowers are inserted both horizontally and vertically.
  • Centerpieces in utility dishes or trays where the container is not meant to be seen.
foamatlip Foaming at the lip

At the lip

Foaming at the same level as the lip of the container is perfect for:
  • Pavé designs where the edge of the container is visible and part of the design.
  • Arrangements with minimal product such as contemporary designs that feature just a few flowers and use moss or broad leaf foliage to cover the foam.
  • Vertical designs and designs with parallel stem placement where basing techniques are used.

Below the Lip

Foaming a container below the lip is perfect for:
    • Vertical designs and designs with parallel stem placement with little to no basing.
    • Arrangements that need a bit of added stability to maintain the design for transport and installation. A wedge of concealed foam in the base of a vase or other container will keep the design intact as it travels.
Using the right amount of the foam for the container and the design saves time and money! Have fun and create beautiful designs that brighten the world and please you and your audience.

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