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By Kristen Weaver Photography By Kristen Weaver Photography

Moroccan Floral Tablescape project brings challenges and exposure

Positioning your floral business online can be challenging in today’s vast digital world. Networking with creative professionals who push the limits of innovative ideas and events can help you reach potential flower customers. Michelle Lewis of Bluegrass Chic in Orlando, Florida, accepted an opportunity from to collaborate on a photography workshop.

The Opportunity

“Kristen Weaver was hosting some incredible talent for a gathering to hear about current trends, lighting techniques and best business practices,” says Michelle. “They asked us to create something that we had never seen before. Kristen’s intern for that semester, Erin Kelly, came up with the concept and sent us a sketch of the table design we were to create.” [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

The Challenge

Sketch-600 By Kristen Weaver Photography The sketch featured the shadow box effect of a clear tabletop floating above a rectangular white wooden table. Michelle and her team designed their tablescape beneath the Plexiglas. “This design caught my attention because it was so unique,” Michelle explains. “It allows guests to enjoy the design on two levels. They can look down between their decorative place settings of china, crystal and candles to see the floral treasures that lie underneath.”

The design process

“In keeping with the Moroccan theme, we were asked to incorporate white ceramic tile down the center of the table.” Michelle continues. To achieve an aged look, the designers tucked green moss into the spaces between the tiles. This juxtaposition of smooth and rough textures allowed the tiles to stand out as a focal area in the design. We started by using UGLU™ Adhesive Dashes to adhere the tile sheets to the table. We then inserted the moss through each crack by pulling small pieces apart, using a floral knife to secure it between each one,” Michelle shares. Next, adhesive was used to place sheets of moss onto sections of the table. For the last step, the table was dressed with a variety of multicolored succulents, which were glued in place using OASIS® Floral Adhesive on the stem or bottom of each piece.

The payoff

KW4_1403-600 By Kristen Weaver Photography Working with talented professionals who push limits inspires Michelle. Unique projects are a great way to learn new skills that help to differentiate your floral business. “This design helped our business by exposing our brand to six different photographers, one national blog and a variety of social media outlets used by those photographers.” “Bluegrass Chic is known for it’s rustic, organic style,” said Michelle, who is originally from Kentucky and named her business for its famed bluegrass. “This was something that was missing in the Central Florida region and helps us to stand out in a saturated floral market. Our motto is – ‘Unique designs, using quality products with Southern Hospitality’.”

What did the Bluegrass Chic team learn from this experience?

“Two things really,” answers Michelle. “The amount of time this table took was very unexpected. Surprisingly, building the table and inserting the moss through the tiles took nine man-hours.Each piece of moss had to be placed separately between the tiles to make sure it didn’t pull out the next piece when placing it.” The second was how to transport the sizable design. “To ensure the design wasn’t damaged, we had to add the Plexiglas top and then use shrink wrap to enclose the entire design.” Otherwise floral materials could have been lost from the opening between the platform and the top. Want more Moroccan ideas? Check my pins on Pinterest - The Moroccan look is very on-trend right now. Michelle, her team and her network of professionals used the popularity of the trendy style to connect with new customers. What innovative flower events can you plan to promote your floral business?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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By Kristen Weaver Photography

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By Kristen Weaver Photography


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