10 Really Cool Flower Ideas for Ring Bearers

ringbearerDepending on the personality of the child, working with a ring bearer in a wedding can be either fun or challenging. Smiles for these little Prince Charmings can quickly turn to unexpected laughter if guests encounter a really fun-loving little guy. Make it easy for ring bearers to participate by assigning age appropriate responsibilities and easy to manage flowers.

Including children in a wedding

When directing a wedding with ring bearers, it’s important to remember – they’re children. It’s unrealistic to expect them to act like miniature adults. Having a relaxed attitude and a good sense of humor will help when things don’t go exactly as planned. My youngest son was asked to be a ring bearer at the age of five. He crossed his arms in indignation and angrily said “I’m not being a bear for anybody!!”  He calmed down once he learned the job didn’t require wearing a fury animal suit. To make things easier, be sure the ring bearer understands his role.

Ring bearers and rings

ringbearer3 600Since ancient times, wedding rings have symbolized a new bond between the bride and groom. It was a custom in medieval times to present the bride’s ring on the tip of a sword. Then came the Victorian practice of entrusting the rings to a pageboy, who carried them on a prayer book. This custom evolved to the modern tradition of bearers transporting rings down the aisle on a small pillow. Sadly, this has led to many horrified guests watching helplessly as real and expensive rings have fallen to the floor and rolled down a heat vent or become otherwise lost. Today the No. 1 rule for ring bearers is: never give real rings to children! Always incorporate fake rings into your designs the little guys carry and entrust the real rings to adults.

Use these trendy ideas to create easy to carry ring bearer designs -

  • Use OASIS Floral Adhesive to glue mosses, berries and blooms with faux rings into the center of a bird nest or small piece of pottery for a garden wedding. Fill a seashell with flowers or use a large starfish for a beach ceremony.
  • Tie ribbon around a small Bible, favorite book of poetry or other beloved book and glue flowers and faux rings into the bow.
  • Cover a small pillow with fresh green moss for a natural look. Tie a ribbon around the pillow and glue flowers and faux rings into the bow.
  • Sew a pillow from fabric matching the bride or bridesmaid’s dresses. Stitch a narrow strip of fabric or ribbon underneath the pillow to fit the child’s hand. Monogram the couple’s initials on the top and pin flowers and faux rings there.
  • ringbearer1 600Lay a monogrammed handkerchief on a crystal or silver tray. Pin a small cluster of flowers and faux rings onto the keepsake handkerchief.
  • Decorate a small monogrammed silver bell with flowers and rings. Have the ring bearer enter the ceremony ringing the bell to announce the bride.
  • Use OASIS Decorative Wire to bind a fabric or foliage covered pillow for an abstract look. Accent with a small cluster of flowers and faux rings.
  • Select a small box in the theme of the wedding. Leaving the box open, line the interior base with 1" x 3" UGLU™ Adhesive Strips to secure mosses, flowers and faux rings.
  • Honor a deceased male family member by choosing his favorite personal item such as an old pipe or pocket watch to adorn with flowers and rings for the ring bearer to carry.
  • Include a (small) family pet in the ceremony by adorning the pet’s collar with flowers, faux rings and adding OASIS Decorative Wire to decorate the leash the ring bearer will use to walk the pet down the aisle.

Boys will be boys

A little forethought goes a long way in preventing cuteness from becoming chaos. Ask in advance that a parent or other adult be assigned to watch each ring bearer at all times. Help keep children busy with a gift bag of fun quiet-time activities you’ve prepared in advance. Include crayons, flower pictures to color, stickers or word searches about plants, etc. Decorate the bags with your business logo as an advertisement for your floral business. What ideas for designing flowers for ring bearers can you share?

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