Can Less Lilies Help You Bring Easter Back?

Easter is not the blooming holiday for florists it once was. How can you help bring Easter back? Offer something interesting and different alongside more traditional looks—and then promote them on social media. If gardens in your area are in bloom, customers will want that look indoors. If spring has not yet sprung, the five “basket” designs here provide an intriguing preview of garden colors, textures and scents any bunny would love. The designs feature some surprising materials for Easter plus a purposeful reduction: less Lilies Yes, the Lily is the traditional Easter flower. We love Lilies. They're modestly included in two of the arrangements here. But we’re aiming for unconventional with these arrangements. You can of course mix in any flowers you like. We say “baskets” in quotation marks because these are centerpieces that evoke Easter. The handles are decorative and not for carrying. You can make your decorative handles from any material that pleases your eye and can be formed into the desired shape. You know the saying about doing the same thing and expecting different results? Experiment!

Easter Morning blooms

[rev_slider alias="bring-easter-back-1"] This basket of branches reminds me of clear blue-sky Easter mornings when all the white Dogwoods are in bloom around my home. A woven nest of green bind wire and ivy and green trick dianthus hides pastel Easter eggs for children to find. A Lomey dish filled with moss-covered floral foam tucked into this grapevine basket provides a water source for branches of Spirea and Bradford pear oriental Lilies and hydrangea, all in white. Encircling the design with a few rounds of prickly greenbrier completes the overgrown garden vibe.

A natural Easter Log

[rev_slider alias="bring-easter-back-2"] If you haven’t designed in a natural bark log, try it. They’re great for fast and easy natural designs and remind me of the old fallen logs nature repurposes to miniature wildflower gardens. The mosses, rose campion and even the daffodil buds in this log could have easily been plucked from the fields. A garden mix of roses, gerbera daisies and hydrangea allows your customer to relax with a sassy bit of spring highlighting their holiday table.

All dressed in turquoise

[rev_slider alias="bring-easter-back-3"] This simple design illustrates how easy it is to dress up for a big day. This no-frills wooden container gets a new Easter ‘dress’ with a row of scalloped lace adhered to its rim by a band of UGLU. Instead of a hat, here’s a handle to top off this design. Six pieces of flat cane form this handle but you can just as easily use Midollino. First collar the edge with blue hydrangea. Then fill this gift basket with tulips, roses and clippings of quince for the perfect hostess gift.

Green garden basket

[rev_slider alias="bring-easter-back-4"] Add a Midollino handle to this bright green woven container and you have a basket that looks like it came straight from Old MacGregor’s garden. Forsythia branches in bloom expand the space while adding drama to the basket. Green trick dianthus orange lilies and roses, yellow gerberas and daffodils are all tucked into a bed of fresh moss. This color combo definitely sets the stage for celebrating spring.

Fill a tin with flowers

[rev_slider alias="bring-easter-back-5"] This rose-colored tin filled with purples and pinks will bring holiday happiness to someone! Three 36” lengths of flat wire are loosely braided in an imperfect manner to form a basket handle with the feel of gnarled, old garden wire encircling a square patch of garden flowers. Muscari, mums, gerbs, carnations, waxflower, tulips and loropetalum fill the muted tin with vibrant color and a blend of textures.

Connect with your customer

When your customer sees the same seasonal colors and textures outdoors that they find in your store or online posts, it makes a mental connection that can inspire impulse sales. Forget baskets full of Easter eggs, this is the season to fill baskets full of flowers and increase your holiday sales figures. Experiment with taking everyday containers and dressing them up with blooming branches and decorative accents to differentiate your product. This year, set the goal of increasing Easter sales by promoting your new design ideas in advance. Photograph Easter designs for social media, website and instore promotions. Host instore events to get customers coming through your doors. This is the year to bring Easter back to the flower shop! What design styles will you be using?

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