7 easy shower floral arrangements you can create with containers!

shower floral container design
Planning a shower for a new bride or baby? Invite a few petals! Shower floral arrangements using fresh flowers and plants are the perfect 'perk up the party' guests. When I want to add natural beauty to an event, I design easy-to-create floral arrangements in small, versatile and affordable containers. I enjoy soft and natural colors and am a big advocate of sustainability, so my preference is for biodegradable containers made of recycled materials. It's no surprise I love designing with OASIS Floral ECOssentials. They're made from organic dyes and recycled plant fibers and come in cubes and cylinders from 3.5 to 7 inches tall. They're also cute!
succulent floral arrangement in OASIS Floral Eccossential container Simple container arrangements make great thank-you gifts!

Seven shower floral ideas

Whatever containers you use, here are seven ideas you can try that make designing for showers with containers fast, easy and fun:
Biodegradable floral containers ECOssentials biodegradable containers
  • Cluster a few arrangements together to create a color harmony that matches your shower theme.
  • Use one variety of flower per container, alternating the arrangement heights and placing them together as your centerpiece to achieve a garden effect.
  • Easily apply decorative accessories like wire, ribbon or fabric to the container's exterior. Just adhere UGLU or Oasis Double-Faced Tape to the sides and press decorations on securely.
  • Stack graded sizes of containers to create a pyramid of flowers. The wide openings and gently sloping sides of ECOssentials offer a secure fit for foam, allowing them to stack more easily
  • Give the arrangements as gifts to all guests, honored guests or hostesses.
  • Plant a succulent in the 3-1/2" Cube to give as a party favor or personalized place card holder.
  • Fill moss and celery-colored containers with foliage, mosses and ferns for an earthy collection of colors and textures.

Celebrate your next shower with flowers

...arranged in easy-to-design-with containers. With ECOssentials, you'll find finished arrangements transport easily thanks to the container's lightweight construction. For peak flower freshness, remember to fill the reservoirs with water and add Floralife Flower Foods! Add beauty to life with flowers!

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