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5 ways to create wedding floral cuff bouquet elegance

5 ways to create wedding floral cuff bouquet elegance

Tasseled Floral Cuff Wedding Bouquet Today's voguish brides, tired of the dated feel of massed bouquets, are asking for more formality and style than the previously popular 'loosely gathered from the garden' look.
The long, graceful lines of today's popular sheath, a-line, mermaid, and trumpet dresses create the perfect backdrop for the newest artistic trend in vertical wedding bouquets-the floral cuff. Cascading from the wrist or perhaps handheld, a floral cuff bouquet is elegant, lightweight, easy to hold or wear and adds enhancement without hiding the beautiful bridal gown.

What is a wedding floral cuff bouquet?

Worn like an intricate piece of floral jewelry, a cuff is a decorative structure of flowers or floral materials in vertical form. The design elements are attached to some framework of accent material that encircles the wrist, flows from the hand, or drapes from the back of the shoulder, etc. Often the form is configured like a bracelet with the floral materials attached to it and draping downward. Brides who wish to express their unique personal style are often intrigued by these unusual designs. From luxe to luscious, a floral cuff provides the visual excitement of color and texture in flowers and decorative materials intricately woven into an unexpected design.

Experiment using these design materials

  • Aluminum floral wire OASIS Floral Products Natural vines, foliages and delicate wildflowers can be woven into a delicate framework for a eco-chic garden wedding motif.
  • Intricately woven metallic wire, button or beaded forms can offer either a modish industrial effect or a ultra-glamorous look.
  • Textural pieces of feather, leather or fur can be used in a structure with richly colored orchids for an avant garde appeal.
  • A variety of seasonal soft-draping fresh greenery materials can be hand-wired into lengths of garlands that drape from the wrist. By wiring or gluing small items into place, one can incorporate petite flowers, tiny fruits, cones and pods or dried materials.
  • Lightweight materials such as narrow strips of fabric, braids or yarns can be woven into the structure of a design with flowers.

Keep cuffs and other arrangements without a water source fresh

Click here for Sharon's tips on how to keep your fresh ingredients looking good in any arrangement without a water source.

The possibilities are infinite

For me personally, when it comes to designing a wedding bouquet for dramatic effect, my first choice is always a floral cuff. "Experiment with flowers for fun!"
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