5 tips for choosing the best floral foam

OASIS Floral Foam MaxLife with enhanced biodegradability Audiences often ask which OASIS® Brand floral foam I prefer. My choice of the best floral foam depends on which type of design I am creating. Here are five tips I consider when choosing which type of foam to use.

1. Springtime

Popular bulb flowers such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are often a favorite for spring arrangements but can be challenging to use in designs. Their soft and fibrous stems can be difficult to arrange in foam and can disintegrate in deep water. When designing these delicate and hollow-stemmed flowers, I like to use light density OASIS Springtime Floral Foam. For added security, I often insert a short wood pick or toothpick into the stem of the flower. Then I insert the wood pick and flower stem into the foam making sure the stem connects to the water source. The wood pick will swell from the water and help hold tightly in the foam.

2. Standard

This medium density foam is great for most stems. OASIS Standard Floral Foam is a good basic 'one size fits all' foam that provides an excellent water source for maximum flower life. This makes Standard foam a good choice for daily work in a flower shop or for floral enthusiasts to keep on hand for upcoming design projects. Orange Spray floral bouquet ideaIn advance of my projects, I place blocks of foam in water to soak to ensure complete saturation. A word of caution: never press blocks of foam into or hold under the water. This can cause a dry spot in the center of the foam. Allow the foam to fully saturate by allowing it to soak into the water at its own rate.

3. Instant

OASIS Instant Floral Foam is another medium density foam that is great for most stems, especially roses. The advantage of this foam comes from the tiny holes punched in the bricks that help it saturate quickly. Fully saturated foam is important to the life of a flower-and quick permeation is important for retailers, event designers and hobbyists with limited design time. Place the side of the brick with holes directly onto the water and allow the foam to sink in by its weight. Remember to rehydrate all foams by adding water daily.

4. Deluxe

foamI find that high-style design requires high density foam. The strong grip of OASIS Deluxe Floral Foam helps secure tall and top-heavy flowers while providing a great water source for maximum flower freshness. Transporting large asymmetrical designs can be tricky-a good foundation like Deluxe Floral Foam is a must-have resource. For sizeable designs, I like to reinforce my foams with a grid of waterproof tape or poultry wire. Be sure your container provides the flowers with a deep reservoir of water.

5. Instant Deluxe

During my career, I have often designed large wedding arrangements or sizeable stage demonstration work. For these events, OASIS Instant Deluxe Floral Foam is my 'go to' foam. This high-density foam works best for thick-stemmed or top-heavy flowers and multiple insertions. Instant Deluxe saturates quickly and holds well for large, showy designs that must be elevated or transported. In my opinion, Instant Deluxe is the workhorse in this line of floral foams. I recommend it for florists, event designers or pro-sumers working on big design projects where time and stability are crucial.

All five mean maximum flower life!

All five types of foam provide for maximum flower life as they are excellent sources of water and flower stability. Choose the density of foam most efficient for your needs based on type of flower stem, size of arrangement, necessary water saturation rate, and purpose of the design. Then enjoy your design process. Love what you do!

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