15 Things You Need to Know About 2018 Wedding Trends

Today’s couples, even those far from any fashion center, can easily see wedding trends online. They want to know you’re familiar with the 2018 wedding trend they like and can customize their flowers with their personal style. Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products What do you need to know to attract trend knowledgeable couples in 2018? International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD) collaborated with Michael J. Skaff AIFD, PFCI, AAF of Savannah, Georgia, to predict 2018 wedding design trends for their annual Flower Trends Forecast. The trends are summarized at the end of this article. Here are 15 highlights from an interview with Michael, including how personal preference is an actual trend this year! Michael is an accomplished floral designer and experienced trend forecaster who devotes substantial time each year to create these reports.

Millennials rule

Today, millennials make up the largest percentage of wedding couples and typically plan their event together. These couples do most of their research online, where wedding trends dominate the digital conversation and influence their decisions.

Be ready for distinct trends

As you can tell from the names, the four styles in the forecast are highly different looks: Mediterranean Chic, Earth Elements, Positively Posh and Folk Art Reinvented. See them described further down.

Large and repurposable

Requests for large focal arrangements that can be repurposed will replace last year’s preference for multiple smaller designs.

Forget the flower crown

[rev_slider alias="2018-wedding-1"] 2018 brides are moving on to tiaras. Floral necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs made of small, delicate flowers are topping the must-have list as well.

Mediterranean and a little skin

Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Romantic. Lavish. Luxurious. “2018 brides will favor dresses of a Mediterranean influence; showing a little skin in a classic Grecian goddess style,” says Michael.

Beige and nude upstage white

Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Soft beige and nude tones will upstage traditional white for a stylish modern vibe. Plunging necklines and corseted backs are on-trend as are bell sleeves and capes and caplets featuring intricate lace patterns.

Gold and copper

Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Gold will resound as the metallic of the year. Bronze accents add visual strength while elegant Mother of Pearl finishes please romantics. Copper and marble combos are also topping trend lists.

Bold colors continue

Consumers will continue to embrace bold colors for their weddings in the coming year.

Upsell with trends

Suggesting a popular wedding theme that showcases your bride’s personality is the perfect place to begin a wedding’s floral plan. Introducing trends is a good way to upsell an event. In addition to keeping abreast of current trends, you can have a trend-focused online presence on your website and Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages. Create albums of photos, files of online images or create Pinterest boards of floral designs for each new theme. Develop a separate album of wedding photos for each venue in your area so couples can see designs from previous events held at their chosen site. During the wedding consultation, share these images with your bride along with wedding-related magazines and books to assist her in making flower choices.

Personal preference is a trend this year

“2018 is the year for brides to embrace their personal style,” according to Michael. His advice? “Listen to the bride and groom, then use your floral knowledge to guide them in creating the wedding of their dreams.” Ask to see her or their Pinterest boards and suggest they bring in photos of designs they like so you can get a feel for their style.

Balance opposites

[rev_slider alias="2018-wedding-2"] “Consumers crave a flawless combination of opposites—the indoors and nature, classic and modern, trendy and unique, “continues Michael. He believes this constant desire stems from consumers’ love of change.

Four main 2018 wedding styles emerge

Expect four main styles to emerge working with brides in the months ahead: Mediterranean Chic Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Floral designs exude a natural, freeform look when vines, fruits and greens are arranged in formal pedestal vases or placed against structured patterns. Sunlit yellows, light blues and attractive teals mixed with blushing peaches. pinks, purples, vibrant reds and oranges create the look. Earth Elements Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Inspired by European tradition, natural browns, greens and whites give a modern edge to classic wedding décor and embellishments that fit naturally indoor and out. Positively Posh Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products Celebrate the romance of the day with a posh feminine flair like vibrant fuchsia. Add delicate silver elements to shine against subdued pink, rich velvet and plum tones in a look fit for royalty. Folk Art Reinvented Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products This repurposed garden style has a fresh look with its explosive mix of bold colors. Textural greens juxtaposed to vivid oranges, reds, hot pinks and yellows for an interesting blend of hippy style meets country chic. See the full report here.

Find hardgoods that fit the themes

Develop a stable of wedding containers, decorative accents and hardgoods, etc., to fit the 2018 themes you plan to offer. This will make selling easier as you’ll know in advance basic costs and availability.

Remember trends come and go

While a wedding day may be the one time that even a traditional girl wants to look trendy, remind her that trends come and go. Suggest blending a touch of trend so the wedding is fashionable with a healthy dose of her signature style. The beauty is in the balance of customizing current wedding trends to accommodate personal taste.

Sell to trends

Selling to trend is an excellent way to attract wedding couples and grow your floral business. How can you become the floral go-to source for wedding style in your area? “Stay on top of the latest styles and design trends,” suggests Michael. Michael Skaff Wedding flower trends 2018 | OASIS Floral Products International Floral Distributors, Inc. is a marketing consortium of 19 flower distributors with over 60 locations in the United States providing flowers, supplies, and an annual Flower Trends Forecast to leading floral decorators, designers, and retailers. For more information about IFD, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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