When it Comes to 2017 Holiday Trends, Use Opposites to Attract

In love, opposites attract. In floral design, opposites create attraction. Smooth against rough. Colors across from each other on the color wheel. Glitter with matte. Traditional with trendy. Fresh instead of faux. Old next to new. You can use the tension created by contrasting colors, textures, materials and styles to showcase a stellar look and boost your sales year-round. For your collection for this upcoming holiday season in particular, you can use contrasts to create trendy eye-catching displays and vignettes.

The gift of time

Please don’t unfriend me if I remind you that the biggest retail season of the year is coming fast (117 shopping days left). I’m here to help! (As the holiday season rolls along, I often find myself marking more days off the calendar than items off my to-do list. When some “jolly elf” posts how few days are left, I’m tempted to unfriend them with a grouchy bah humbug!) This year, you can use the gift of time to create a profitable plan for the holidays Why drag out boxes of old materials? How can a sleigh full of trendy new products spruce up your holiday displays and vignettes? What colors will your clients want for celebrating this winter with style? Let’s explore some options.

Traditional versus trendy colors

[rev_slider alias="opposites-attract-1"] Contrasting colors can create a hot look that will bring in cold cash from holiday décor sales. Mix cranberry to cinnamon, moss to slate, silver to gold and add glitter to matte finishes for a fresh look. If you think Christmas should always mean red and green, you may feel a little blue this holiday season. Trending for the upcoming holiday celebration are neutrals and naturals, gold, silver, copper, lots of white and even pinks, purples and true blues. Keep your traditional customers happy, but remember trying new trends inspires buys from non-traditional clients.

Metal versus wood containers

[rev_slider alias="opposites-attract-2"] When it comes to containers, the juxtaposition of smooth metallic finishes and weathered wood surfaces delivers a rich eco-chic style. If you missed last week’s blog, see How Can You Warm Up Winter Sales? for on-trend wooden containers. Designs made in trendy metals tins are always popular during the cold winter months. This year that look is updated with oval and round metal tins polished in rust, slate and galvanized mineral finishes that fit beautifully into the season’s new range of colors. These other easy-to-use container options can help fit the budget in on-trend gold, silver and copper hues as well.

Focus on faux botanicals

Floral customers often want to keep their seasonal decorations from year to year. This makes the holiday season a good time to focus on selling faux botanicals—silk and permanent flower designs. Metal tins, weathered woods, and decorative accessories are perfect for these arrangements too. When a design is picked up, heaviness gives the illusion of added value. Since faux botanicals are often lightweight, it’s a good idea to add some weight in the base of the design using stones or sand beneath the Styrofoam or Sahara dry foam as the floral mechanic to hold stems. Using hot melt glue or glue sticks to secure the dry foam and stems in place will help to keep the arrangement intact as long as possible.

Showcase plants in designs

[rev_slider alias="opposites-attract-3"] Plants are a popular holiday gift option, especially with corporate accounts. Metal tins, wood rings and recycled fiber containers offer an updated look that differs from the traditional plant basket. In the photo above, the addition of a band and loops of bark wrap with the wood ring help deliver a wintry touch to an out-of-season pot of tulips. Why use a bouquet holder in a plant basket? To add fresh flowers with a water source. Watch this video for a great tip for adding fresh flowers to your live plant designs.

Update old stock with new materials

[rev_slider alias="opposites-attract-4"] An interesting way incorporate to your existing stock in with your new items is to update it with a bit of seasonal color and texture. One simple tip for re-energizing the look of an old vase or container is to add a circle of new material around the neck or side of the vessel. To add a band of Natural Wrap, simply place a strip of UGLU on the surface and press a band of Alamo Bark, Pear Leaf, Corn Husk, or Maple Bark onto it. Blend the repurposed containers in with the new product mix in your online or in-store holiday sales vignettes–artistic displays of related merchandise—to help create impulse buys. The new products grab the attention of shoppers and the reinvented item adds profit to your bottom line.

Use decorative materials to catch the eye

A mix of both natural and glittery decorative accessories create the natural opposition of rough textured woods versus sleek and icy branches in a snow-covered forest. You can add a wintry sparkle to your arrangements by inserting sticks of gold or silver Glitter Midollino Sticks into your designs to catch the customer’s eye. [rev_slider alias="opposites-attract-5"]

Wood Crate Floral Designs featuring Glitter and Fabric Accents Floral Video

Opposites attract!

Use the visual energy of opposing materials to build your shop’s holiday sales. Mix natural textures and colors of the season in innovative ways to create exciting new designs that inspire your customers to buy. What opposing floral materials do you find attractive when blended in a design?

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