Want a Holiday boost? Try this 6-step floral Advent Wreath.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What holiday floral design popular in Europe might be underappreciated here—and an opportunity for you? The Advent wreath. You and your customers can enjoy this horizontal wreath with candles as a religious symbol or festive holiday décor at home, the office and events.

Floral Advent wreath | OASIS Floral Products All photos: Sharon McGukin

Floral wreaths have been displayed at least since the Romans and remain compelling year-round. Advent wreaths first appeared about 500 years ago but remain a steady presence, although possibly less prominent here than in Europe.

Below, you’ll discover how to create a floral Advent wreath with natural accents in six easy steps, with more than a dozen ideas for different materials you can use. It’s a design you can recreate or use as inspiration for variations that appeal to you and your customers. We’ve also included merchandising suggestions for this joyful symbol of the holiday to come. You can offer finished wreaths, kits, DIY displays and classes to create new sales opportunities. Wreaths can be created in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and styles. Can you use current trends and your design eye to update Advent wreaths to a style you and your customers appreciate?

Six basic steps for a natural bark wreath

A floral foam wreath provides a basic circular form and a water source for natural materials. Other shapes, materials or themes can also be used to design Advent wreaths that accommodate your customers’ purposes and preferences. Use these six basic steps to create an Advent wreath of natural bark and fresh greens or you can substitute materials of your choice. For this design, red oak bark, Japanese black pine and Eastern red cedar were used.

Step 1

[rev_slider alias="advent-wreath-1"] If using fresh bark, peel away the colorful pieces from a branch and place into a plastic bag or container. Spray insecticide inside and seal for a few hours.

Step 2

To create a foundation for the bark, apply UGLU dashesstrips or roll to the plastic edges of the wreath.

Floral Advent wreath | OASIS Floral Products

Step 3

Use a wide and sturdy tape like duct tape or aisle runner tape to secure decorative materials along the wreath’s sides.

Floral Advent wreath | OASIS Floral Products

Remove the paper covering from the UGLU dashes. Hook the tape around one of the plastic clips on the wreath and roll the tape backward around the form. Pull the tape snuggly around the wreath with the smooth side lying against the wreath and the sticky side facing outward. Be sure the tape adheres to the UGLU securely. [rev_slider alias="advent-wreath-2"]

Step 4

Press the bark pieces firmly into the adhesive of the tape on the outer perimeter and the UGLU on the inside of the wreath. Raquettes and brick trays with floral foam work well for rectangular-shaped Advent centerpieces. Simply apply the same design techniques. [rev_slider alias="advent-wreath-3"] Items such as alamo bark wrap, brown landscaping bark, corn husk wrap, faux bark, maple bark, pear leaf wrap, woodland bark or other types of fresh tree bark can also be used to create this style. Other natural materials will work as well: flexible vine materials, small twigs, cinnamon sticks or crushed pieces, fresh moss, dried moss, pinecones, and wool or other natural fibers, etc.

Step 5

[rev_slider alias="advent-wreath-4"] Cut short stems of your favorite seasonal greens at a sharp slant with a knife. Clear excess greens from the last 1” of the stem. Insert each stem into the wet foam form. Cedar, pine, juniper, spruce, hemlock and holly are all popular evergreens of the season. Some people attribute special meanings to specific greens or herbs and use them to create a message with their wreath. Since fresh greenery dries out quickly, suggest that your customers mist it with water daily, replace greens as they dry or spray dried materials with fire retardant.

Step 6

Add four candle stakes to support the pillar candles and keep the candles separated from flammable materials. Add a note to purchased wreaths reminding customers to not leave burning candles unattended.

Inspire your customers

Inspire your customers to purchase Advent wreaths or design materials:
  • Develop a menu of Advent wreath designs to promote on your website and social media.
  • Research Advent wreaths and print a handout explaining the history and meaning.
  • Set up a DIY sales area of wreaths, decorative materials and candles in-store and online.
  • Provide a step-by-step instructional guide for DIY customers making Advent designs.
  • Offer hands-on classes to assist customers in designing wreaths for a fee.
  • Suggest clients Google the subject for information regarding prayers, mediations or special meanings for materials used.
One of the joys of the holiday season is bringing people together for traditional celebrations. The tradition of using evergreen wreaths with candlelight to brighten the winter season goes back to ancient Eastern Europe. Lighting an Advent wreath candle each week is a religious practice that has continued for centuries. Along with traditional wreaths for religious purposes, nontraditional wreaths used for decorative purposes have gained popularity. Offer an Advent Wreath Collection or DIY materials in your store or online this season to increase winter sales. What interesting forms and materials will you choose for your Advent Wreath Collection?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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