Turn Plain Mother’s Day Container Designs to Pretty

What simple addition costs little but adds big value to your Mother's Day container designs? Prettier containers. But how can you routinely deliver high-end looks without high-end costs or complications? Add decorative accents like wraps and wires to basic containers you have in-stock. By creating your own container designs, you can develop and showcase a fresh and unique look. This also differentiates your business, which boosts your competitive edge. Read on for specific container wrap design ideas, the best ways to attach wraps and accents and the importance of continuously developing your design style.

Simple with big visual impact

Product differentiation can be a valuable sales tool any time of year. It can especially inspire impulse buys during the holidays like Mother's Day when customers are looking for customized gifts. With accents, you don't need to stock additional containers, just wraps and wires. They're easy to apply and you have the flexibility to decide while designing which color, pattern and texture best adds to the look of your arrangement. Simple? Yes. Low cost? Yes. Big visual impact? As the examples here show, absolutely.

Connect with the customer

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Pastel and Lace Flower Arrangement

Today’s customers want an emotional connection to what they buy. In this design, the medallion lace and pearl bead wire added to the pink biodegradable container is perfect for a mom who loves a feminine ‘pearls and lace’ styling.  Influenced by a post mass-market trend, consumers are tired of cookie-cutter items from big box stores making one-of-a-kind products are more popular than ever. If consumers are circling back to boutiques as retail trends suggest, it’s imperative to offer the products they seek. Get to know the preferences of your customers, then tailor your products to fit their wants and needs.

Attention to detail

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Spirited Sunset Floral Design

When it comes to eye-catching Mother’s Day designs, attention to detail can wrap up a sale. This natural container gets its different look from added bits of copper sequins and etched wire encircling the vase. In floral terms, detail or detailing is the process of completing and refining a composition by making precise placement of design materials. Try increasing the perceived value of utility containers or glass vases bought in bulk by adding detail with a decorative band of lace, fabric, beads, feathers, faux fur or natural wraps. [rev_slider alias="mothers-day-sales-3"]

Woodland Pink Floral Arrangement

In this arrangement, a natural container gets dressed up for the holiday with a textural bark wrap and a few decorative strands of pink wire. In most areas, floral retailers purchase their wholesale products from the same local suppliers their competitors buy from. Flower shops that use those common products more creatively have a competitive advantage.

The secret to attaching decorative accents

[rev_slider alias="mothers-day-sales-4"] What is the best way to attach decorative accents? This vase décor is created with remnants of ribbon, lace and etched wire. UGLU and Double-Faced Tape work well. Which adhesive works best depends on its use in each project. UGLU is clear and doesn’t show through on glass vases. Double-Faced Tape is white and more easily seen but holds better in cold or humid temperatures. To be sure the adhesive bonds well to glass, rub the area first with alcohol to remove any oils on the surface finish.

Which size UGLU should you buy?

UGLU comes in dashes, strips and a continuous roll. If you want to try the product for the first time by choosing one size only, my favorite is the strip. It can be cut into dashes using serrated scissors you dip in water or mist with a kitchen-spray oil. UGLU can be run end-to-end on a surface to create an adhesive line.

Added décor doesn’t have to be expensive

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Happy Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement

This arrangement gets its rich textural finish from simple rows of bind wire encircling a simple cache pot to form an interesting and tactile pattern. A simple add-on can update the look without a big investment. Originality and uniqueness trump expense when it comes to decorative touches.

Save leftover odds-and-ends

When using new rolls of on-trend materials, remember to save the leftover bits and pieces. Gluing leftover pieces of wire, ribbon, or wraps can put pennies into your pocket instead of the garbage. This trash can soon become cash when used efficiently. [vc_row css=".vc_custom_1522686063377{margin-top: 15px !important;margin-bottom: 15px !important;border-top-width: 1px !important;border-bottom-width: 1px !important;padding-top: 5px !important;padding-bottom: 5px !important;border-top-color: #068751 !important;border-top-style: solid !important;border-bottom-color: #068751 !important;border-bottom-style: solid !important;}"][vc_column width="1/4"][vc_single_image image="16207" img_size="full" onclick="custom_link" img_link_target="_blank" link="/Ideas/mothers-day-floral-arrangements/"][/vc_column][vc_column width="3/4"][vc_column_text css=".vc_custom_1522686168896{padding-top: 5% !important;padding-bottom: 5% !important;}"]

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With more than two dozen new design ideas for 2018

Mother's Day Floral Arrangements

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] Save leftover odds-and-ends of decorative materials in small plastic bins. In each bin, place just one color of mixed materials like wire, fabric, or ribbon. When a bit of material is left from a project, place it in the appropriate colored-coded bin for future use. These monochromatic (single color) collections of odds-and-ends make a great resource of materials for quickly creating bout art or wristlets for prom, floral jewelry, corsages for weddings and accessorizing wraps for vases, wine bottles or gift packaging.

Offer fresh ideas

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Willow Sunrise and Rust Flower Arrangement

The horizontal lines that form the surface pattern of this rust-colored tin are offset by the thin strips of Pear Leaf Wrap applied vertically to the sides of the container. The deep gold hue of the wrap repeats the golden tones of the fresh flowers chosen for the design and adds a tactile quality to the metallic finish of the tin pot. Customers are always looking for fresh ideas. Keep an eye on incoming trends, looking for new ways to update your product mix with on-trend colors and materials to stay ahead of the curve. [rev_slider alias="mothers-day-sales-7"]

Orange, Willow and Cooper Flower Centerpiece

If mom loves sparkle, she’ll enjoy receiving this arrangement in an earthy container accented by a collar of sequins and bind wire.

Differentiation is a continual process

Differentiating your product can help grow sales but realize that it will be a continual process. When a trendy new accessory, style or sales technique becomes popular it is often copied by competitors, soon making it commonplace. Keep one step ahead by embracing newer trends and focusing on the age-old No. 1 rule of sales: find out what the customer wants and give it to them! How can you differentiate your Mother’s Day arrangements using a mix of old and new products your customers will want?

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