Tears on the big day shouldn’t be for wedding bouquets!

I love weddings. Sadly, as every florist knows and some brides learn, these events can be rough on fresh flower bouquets. We've all heard of bridal bouquets that have been mistakenly stored in a freezer, left in the sun, forgotten in a car, dropped on the floor or worse. It isn't pretty to watch 'things fall apart' for a bride on her wedding day.


  • Her wedding bouquet gets a hard bump and the flowers fall out in a trail of petals down the aisle...
  • Her dancing bridesmaid showers the dance floor with loose stems of flowers...
  • The bride tosses her bouquet to guests as she departs and it comes apart midair in a mass of flying stems... (You hope that photo or video doesn't go viral!)

Help take the stress away

Wedding bouquet designs such as cascades, crescents, and nosegays can have lots of flower stems inserted into foam-filled bouquet holders. If a heavy and flower-filled design is handled carelessly, the ability of the foam to hold all those flowers can be easily compromised. A great way to help your bouquets 'hold it together' on that all-important day is gluing them internally.

FLORALOCK™ Plus Stem Adhesive

FLORALOCK is a spray adhesive that helps to securely hold flowers in place in fresh or dry foams. It will help prevent your bridal bouquet falling apart in the fun-filled activity of a hectic wedding day.
floralock spray wedding bouquets
This lightweight spray adhesive should only be used on finished designs. The foam will absorb the adhesive and harden on it's outside surface, making it impossible to remove or add flower stems.

How to lock in your flowers

  • Shake the can of FLORALOCK, to insure a smooth even flow through the tube
  • Insert the red tube firmly into the nozzle so the adhesive goes directly into the foam
  • Place the red tube between the flowers and into the foam
  • Spray in short bursts so the foam has time to absorb the adhesive
  • Apply in multiple places around the foam to be sure all flowers are secure
  • Don't over-saturate foam with Floralock or it can leak back out
  • Wash the tube with hot, soapy water to keep the glue from clogging it
  • Tape the tube back to the side of the can for its next use
Need help securing other finished wedding designs that have to endure awkward transportation, placement, or weather issues? Spray adhesive like FLORALOCK can help you 'hold it together'! "Have fun celebrating your life with flowers!"

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