Pave' Your Way to Smashing Small Floral Designs

Get well pave floral design | OASIS Floral ProductsWant to inspire oooooos and ahhhhhhs from smaller designs? Choose clean lines, unique forms and strong color combinations. That’s the approach of Tre’ Garner, whose modern coral rose pave design with an eucalyptus collar was selected as the most inspirational get-well arrangement in the 2017 INSPIRE Design Showcase. Tre’ shares her techniques and inspiration below along with the reaction from her clients and other designers—which includes the words “smashing” and “whimsical!” Smithers-Oasis Floral Design Director Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD, PFCI recreated her small floral design for OASIS Floral Products 2017 print advertising. See his step by step design process as well as additional arrangement ideas from the same materials.

Colors you adore

Get well pave floral design | OASIS Floral ProductsBased in Coral Springs, Florida, Tre’ says, “Color is my thing and finding combinations that enhance compositions of modern style is something I truly love.” Experienced designers know that color is the most eye-catching element and fragrance triggers remembrance. Tre´ incorporated both of these sensual elements into her colorful and fragrant rose arrangement. “My inspiration for this design was the pairing of colors. Mint green and coral is a color combination I adore”

Intrigued by form

Tre’s goal was to create a simplistic floral design featuring clean lines and unique form. Form in floral design is defined as the 3-D configuration that integrates all parts into one composition. For her get-well design, she arranged a pave´ of coral roses in a low ESSENTIALS™ Square Bowl. Pave´ comes from the French word meaning ‘paved’ or ‘pavement.’ Traditionally a jewelry making term, pave´ refers to placing gem stones so closely together the base of the design is invisible underneath. “I love making a design my own,” says Tre’. “I prefer anything unique, stylish, edgy and outside of the box! My goal is to be an innovator of trends rather than following them. If you have not seen it--that's what I am going for!”

Pave’—design on the level

[rev_slider alias="pave-your-way-1"] In floral design, pave´ is a basing technique that uses short-stemmed parallel or angled materials to create a uniform surface. The technique is often used for intricately detailed designs made in supporting mechanics such as OASIS® Floral Foam Tile, OASIS® Netted Sphere and the OASIS™ Tray. At the heart of this design are two blocks of OASIS® Instant Deluxe Floral Foam used to give physical strength to the design and act as a water reservoir for longer-lasting flowers. “The most important step is to make sure that your floral foam is flat and even to ensure a clean and level composition,” Tre´ suggests.

Collaring with decorative materials

Get well pave floral design | OASIS Floral ProductsAfter placing the roses, Tre´ added a collaring of seeded eucalyptus at the container’s edge. Collaring can be applied to a flower, bouquet or container by encircling the items with a collar of decorative materials. By encircling the rose pattern with a floral fringe of seeded euc, Tre´ gave the arrangement a polished look. She finished with a few wisps of curly willow tips across the top for a whimsical touch.

In love with design

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Design variations by Smithers-Oasis Design Director Kevin Ylvisaker

“I prefer high-end design but I have worked everything from fast-paced wire service shops to a traditional ‘mom and pop’, from mass market to private accounts, and designed with both silk and fresh flowers,” Tre' says. She currently works as a manager in a small flower shop and freelances from her own business, Epiphany Floral Designs. Tre’ clearly understands how to express emotion with flowers. Her pave’ arrangement uses soft and natural elements to send a message of hope, strength and well wishes. She describes the arrangement as “a whimsical, stylish design that inspired reaction.”

The reaction?

“It was a smashing success!” Her clients responded with ‘ooooo's and ‘ahhhhh's’, and the other designers started snapping photos. “It was the greatest feeling,” says Tre´. She decided to enter a photo of the design in the INSPIRE Showcase. “The artistic elements of design offer endless opportunities!!” she says. “That’s why it’s very important to keep learning, growing, gaining inspiration from fellow designers and experimenting with floral trends and colors.” “My favorite part of the job is making people happy,” she continues. “Changing someone’s event or day in a positive way is beyond self-satisfying. I love it! Everything about flowers makes my sun shine!” How are you using your favorite colors and forms to inspire reaction?

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