Impress your customers with Impression inspired Valentine's floral designs

Impression Valentine's Day Floral DesignImpress your clientele this Valentine’s Day with flower arrangements designed in the trendy new look of Impressionism Art. Manet, Degas, Cezanne, Renoir and other artists of the period painted beautiful still lifes of flower arrangements. Inspired by their work, this upscale style appeals to those of an artistic nature.

Floral Impressionism

Soft forms, blended colors and textural detail marked much of the floral artwork created during Impressionism. Impressionist painters often portrayed the art of growing, picking or arranging flowers in their work. These floral paintings enabled patrons to bring a colorful microcosm of their garden indoors. How can we translate this on-trend look into our floral designs? By using the Impressionism design elements of unexpected form, eye-catching color and textural interest to help your flower arrangements speak the language of love for your customers.

Unexpected form

Playfulness in form was a hallmark of Floral Impressionism. In the purple and white design in the clear vase, the straight line of liatris is softened by the dramatic curved lines of the tulips and lily grass. The flourish of decorative Flat Wire hearts help to express our Valentine’s Day motif in an unexpected way. Valentine's Day Floral Design

Eye-catching color

A thoughtful blend of light and dark hues give life to Impressionist paintings. This same technique can be applied to fresh flower designs. The arrangement with soft pinks and deep reds in the gray container has a definite Valentine feel. Use decorative wire such as these pink Diamond Wire swirling hearts to add a touch of metallic color to your designs.  

Textural interest

Grouping flowers by variety creates a natural ‘gardeny’ feel. Each type of flower has its own textural qualities that are noticeable even when presented in a monochromatic design like in this green palette design. Valentine's Day floral design Use texture to your advantage. It adds to the richness and visual value of a design. Notice how the shiny circular forms of bear grass juxtaposed against the flowing lines of the velvety amaranths, over the smooth finish of the ECOssential container add textural interest to this design.

Looking for creative ways to impress your customers?

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“How can you use Impressionism Art to create on-trend designs?”  

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