How Black Floral Foam Changes your Design Possibilities

With one simple yet brilliant why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-before change, your floral design possibilities have expanded.

How? Black floral foam.

Specifically, OASIS Floral Foam Midnight, which has similar properties to other OASIS floral foam but is black, the color every other color seems to want to displace.

With Midnight, you can stop hiding foam. Instead, you can use it as a visible element in your designs. You can showcase elegance. And you can even use fewer flowers and foliage.

Bring elegance to floral design

Black endures because it is the versatile, stylish, elegant, flattering and goes-with-practically-everything choice.

You can use Midnight Floral Foam for any design application. It offers maximum visual impact and allows you to produce creative designs with less flower coverage.

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“Designers are always looking for new products,” says floral educator Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI. “The new Midnight foam allows for more creative opportunities.”

Smithers-Oasis Design Director Neville MacKay was reminded of Edith Bunker’s comment that, “black isn’t just for funerals anymore!” Although in our business, sympathy is a definite application!

Your not-so basic black

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Basic black is often considered the ultimate in good taste. It's the "new" black when it comes to dressing up your floral party work for black tie affairs.

  • Black can be used in any style of design.
  • The dark foam recedes visually. This makes it less noticeable inside a glass vase and allows the flowers to catch the eye instead.
  • No need to wrap black foam in foliage to cover it. The black base becomes an element of the on-trend design.
  • It’s a sophisticated look for party designs.
  • It works well for weddings with a black-based color harmony.

When dry, Midnight looks dark gray. It deepens to jet black when saturated with water.

Why would a florist choose to use Midnight?

Midnight Floral Foam Black | OASIS Floral Products

“Convenience, speed of design and its trendy new look appeals to a younger crowd,” he said. “What I especially like is the way the foam visually disappears inside a glass vase making the flowers show up even more.”

“I quite liked it,” says Neville. “You can probably use one third less floral material in some designs since it’s not necessary to cover all the foam with some styles. Unlike a previous color-foam product, Rainbow Foam, that was dense and didn’t hold water well, Midnight feels to me like it has the density of standard foam and holds water just as well.”

According to Smithers-Oasis Product Manager Cameron O’Neill, “Midnight foam holds water the same as the other Oasis floral foam products. Each one-third block of foam holds one liter of water just as regular floral foam does. Each full block of foam holds three liters of water.”

Making the floral foam just as effective as it is interesting to look at.

The perfect mechanic for a black vase

Midnight Floral Foam Black | OASIS Floral Products

Midnight is a perfect mechanic for a black vase as the foam blends in with the container. Smithers-Oasis Design Director Loann Burke discovered this when she created the above pedestal design from Black Display Buckets and Midnight Floral Foam. The black-colored floral foam became an invisible part of the structure.

The versatile floral foam can be used to support flower stems as a water source or cut into interesting shapes to add a lightweight and artistic flair to your designs.

How can you use Midnight?

Midnight was developed in Europe as the black tie of floral mechanics and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from US consumers.

How will you use it? What innovative ways can you think of for introducing it to your customers?


Is this midnight foam just for live flowers or is there a product for the faux florals as well?
Linda Barrett December 18, 2019
Yes, Linda Barrett, Midnight floral foam is for fresh flowers. Fun to work with, too!!
Sharon McGukin December 18, 2019
I agree with you that “Designers are always looking for new products,” says floral educator Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI, who saw the foam for the first time.
The wild orchid December 18, 2019
I feel that both our customers and designers will love the new and different arrangments that are created.
Ramsey Kraft December 18, 2019
There are a couple of ways to secure foam in a container. If it is a plastic container like a Lomey tray you can hot glue (OASIS™ Hot Melt Glue) the foam right into the container. If it is a more expensive container, you can tape the foam into the container with clear waterproof tape (1/4" OASIS® Clear Tape).
Sharon McGukin December 18, 2019
Smithers-Oasis design trays have cambered sides, so the foam compresses as you push it in and is gripped firmly. You should be able to flip the tray upside down and the foam will hold.
Kimi Ynigues AIFD December 18, 2019
Looking forward to it coming to Canada!
Crystal December 18, 2019
How do you secure the foam to the container so the arrangement does not shift during delivery? Without the tape or wire being seen?
MISSY December 18, 2019
I am excited to try midnight floral foam. I think it will add a new dimension to my work, and give my designs a new perspective.
cynthia campbell campbell December 18, 2019
I love it. I was at the Atlanta Show and I did not see this. Rosemarie at Village Silks, Fruitland Park Florida
Rosemarie December 18, 2019

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