Four Easy Floral Hearts, Three Price Points

[rev_slider alias="floral-hearts-1"] While planning your Valentine’s Day menu of designs, be sure to include a variety of price points that can accommodate varying budgets. Take a good, better, best approach; offer customers budget, popular, and boutique design options in each of your themes. Using Valentine favorites–roses, carnations and mini carnations, tulips, alstroemeria, hypericum and green trick dianthus in various combinations—we created four easy to duplicate designs in the three price categories. Like other foam-based designs, these arrangements can be made ahead of time with flowers inserted securely in soaked foam with flower food added.

Budget designs

[rev_slider alias="floral-hearts-2"] This mini arrangement may be small in size but it has a big heart when filled with this mixed variety of long-lasting flowers. The design features cotton lace for the bow and the trim for the plastic edge of the foam form. Add a red flat wire heart for a sentimental touch. OASIS Ingredients: 5" OASIS® Solid Mini Heart, 3/4" UGLU™ Adhesive Roll, OASIS™ 1-1/4" Cluny Lace, Antique White Fresh Ingredients: 1 red carnation, 2 stems green trick dianthus, 2 red hypericum, 3 stems red alstroemeria, 3 stems red mini carnations [rev_slider alias="floral-hearts-3"] Using the same style of mini heart, apply scalloped lace the plastic edges of the form with the rounded scallops turned up for a nice finished edge. Change the look of the design by basing the floral foam with carnations at the center of the arrangement before placing red roses in the focal area. A red flat wire heart added either vertically or horizontally creates visual interest. Offering a smaller version of your featured designs to customers ensures that everyone can find something to fit their budget. Offering a different mix of flowers using the same mechanic to create a variety of looks can increase impulse sales. OASIS Ingredients: 5" OASIS® Solid Mini Heart, OASIS™ 1" Scalloped Lace, Antique White, 3/4" UGLU™ Adhesive Roll, 12” OASIS™ 1/2" Flat Wire, Red Fresh Ingredients: 10 red carnations, 3 red roses

Popular Choices

[rev_slider alias="floral-hearts-4"] OASIS Ingredients: 9" OASIS® Open Mini Heart, 3/4" UGLU™ Adhesive Roll, OASIS™ 1-1/4" Cluny Lace, Antique White Fresh Ingredients: 12 stems red carnations, 10 stems red mini carnations, 3 stems green trick dianthus, 1 small package bright green reindeer moss This midsize heart is a better choice for those who want to invest a little more into their gift by choosing a larger size, but still need to be cautious of expense. A vivid mix of red carnations, red mini carnations, green trick and reindeer moss can make this long-lasting design a potential Valentine’s favorite. Many customers opt for average-priced designs. The heart-shaped floral foam form results in a quick and easy arrangement to make, reducing labor expense at a time when your shop is really busy. Using large and mini carnations can reduce design costs.

Boutique Buys

[rev_slider alias="floral-hearts-5"] OASIS Ingredients: 9" OASIS® Open Mini Heart, 3/4" UGLU™ Adhesive Roll, OASIS™ Sequin Wrap, Ruby Matte, OASIS™ Floral Mesh, Gold Fresh Ingredients: 10 stems red tulips, 9 stems red roses, 9 stems red carnations, 4 stems green trick dianthus, 3 stems red alstroemeria, 3 stems red hypericum Grouping flowers by variety creates greater visual impact. This popular technique is often used in garden style designs reminiscent of flowers growing naturally outdoors. Suggest this design to customers who enjoy organic styles. While 80 percent of customers typically seek products of current trend the remaining 20 percent, boutique shoppers, are looking for something unique and willing to pay for the difference. Offer upscale designs with a distinctive flair to capture their attention. Featuring groupings of slightly more expensive flowers, this heart design might be the best choice for a customer looking for a style with more flair. It features traditional favorites – roses and tulips, but won’t break the bank as it doesn’t include premium flowers such as orchids. However, if your clientele does enjoy premier flowers, filling the heart shape with orchids would be lovely!

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents can be used to personalize designs. In the upscaled version of this design, four 2” x 14” strips were cut from a roll of gold mesh, leaving points at the end for prongs that can attach into the foam. The strips were positioned over the flowers on the edges of the arrangement to reinforce the visual lines of the heart. Ruby red Sequin Wrap (, Ruby Matt) attached around the edge of the open heart with UGLU dresses up the design for a holiday celebration. Create your design menu in advance. Photograph the arrangements and post a design on social media each day to inspire customers to place their orders early. What are your favorite Valentine flowers to use in heart-shaped designs?

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