Cool Ideas for Hot Floral Trends in Summer Centerpieces

Trends in Summer CenterpiecesSummer is a relaxed time of gathering with family and friends for casual meals. The perfect way to dress up a mealtime table? Add a summer centerpiece. Whether hosting a divine dinner or sharing a simple supper, a centerpiece on the table makes family and friends feel like special guests. We all love to feast on food, but it’s flowers that feed our spirit. Smithers-Oasis Design Director Frank Feysa AIFD, PFCI is a master at creating big looks with simple designs. Frank knows that summer is an ideal time to experience colorful flowers outdoors. He offers these fast and easy tips for bringing the look of those pretty petals indoors.

Fresh from the garden

Guests will enjoy this chic pink garden bouquet of peonies, asters and rice flowers with a pop of green hydrangea and hypericum added to brighten the bunch. It feels just like the laid-back days of summertime. The biodegradable 5" ECOssentials Cylinder in antique pink will win the hearts of environmentally conscious guests. For those that love a trend-savvy touch of metallic shine, add 1/2" OASIS™ Flat Wire in red curls to the design.

Perfect for picnics

Trends in Summer CenterpiecesEncourage your customers to take a vacation from busy detail and enjoy a simple design like this tailored anemone and rice flower arrangement. Perfect for picnic days, this lightweight 5" ECOssentials Cylinder container in eggplant, made with recycled plant fibers and organic dyes, travels well. Call it clever, but Frank always finds a way to add simple decorative accents to his designs to make them really eye-catching. Case in point: the OASIS™ Mega Beaded Wire in strong pink used here. The addition of OASIS™ Midollino Sticks in pink helps to create a central static line giving visual strength to the design. An analogous mix of midsummer colors and rich blend of rough and smooth textures adds a playful vibe to this otherwise casual arrangement.

‘Staycation’ style

Are your customers planning a ‘staycation’ this year? To help celebrate their ‘stay home vacation’ in style, Frank offers this trendy centerpiece for the table. Bring the unique ‘tropics to table’ look to life using a bold mix of orange and purple island flower favorites. Create an adventurous accent for those who love the exotic but also enjoy spending their holidays at home.

Designs that last

Floral Trends in Summer CenterpiecesDecorating with tropical flowers can offer long-lasting designs to be enjoyed for many sunny summer days. Use social media, in-store signage or your text and email list to remind your customers that fresh flowers add natural beauty to even the most casual of summer celebrations.
  • Suggest that simple containers like pottery pitchers, glass jars, stoneware bowls or old-fashioned vases can be brought from home to be filled with a variety of long-lasting summer flowers for a lesser investment.
  • Offer classes teaching customers to arrange flowers combining flowers from your store and their garden.
  • Offer grab-n-go ‘Celebrate Summer’ bouquets at a discounted price.
Encourage customers to keep flowers in the home throughout the summer season by making them easy to buy and affordable. What simple summer styles can you share with us?

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