A Dozen or So Ways to Make and Sell Prom Flowers Easier

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

You can grow your business during prom season. You can also be overwhelmed with many time-consuming designs needed in a short time.

How can you make designing and selling prom flowers easier? And how can you do it with less labor?

Among the dozen or so tips here: sell on-trend designs to increase sales. Then use efficient design, sales and production techniques to organize a busy but profitable prom season.

Start with the basics.

Do you prefer to wire and tape or glue your flowers in place?

Your choice can depend on the design and your speed and comfort with each technique. A design can be well made using either method. Decide which works for you before the rush.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

This boutonniere was wired and taped using white and green stem tape: white for the Stephanotis bud and green for the foliage, faux flower and bout stem.

In this case, wired and taped elements help enhance dimension as the materials can be separately positioned with a layering effect.

To add a natural look, brown bind wire was wrapped around the stem adding neutral color and rough texture to the design.

Prefer glue?

Switch to glue and you can end long hours of finger-tiring wiring and taping flowers for prom corsages. Many designers find it faster and easier to glue when blooms are placed close together.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

This 1” flat wire makes a great base for design. Simply add floral adhesive to the face of the wire backing and each flower stem. Hold for a second to allow the glue to get tacky, then press each flower into place. Glue bonds to glue so this helps to hold the flowers securely.

If you want more decoration, materials like gold sequin wrap can be easily adhered to the flat wire with UGLU strips or double-faced tape.

(See more recipes for prom bouts and bracelets.)

You can add decorative elements like this brooch. Add extra adhesive to help hold the weight.

Before using floral glue, rub an oil-based product like petroleum jelly or lotion on your hands. This helps prevent glue from sticking to you and makes cleanup easier. Washing with the warmest water safe for your hands helps remove residue.

Have customers who dislike holes in their clothes? UGLU strips on the back of flat wire helps adhere designs to a tux lapel and other fabric with ease.

Create coordinating sets

How would your profits increase if each customer added just one floral accessory to their prom order?

Along with matching boutonnieres and bracelets, offer coordinating pieces such as chokers, rings, anklets, necklaces, pocket squares or even a floral tie. His ‘n Hers corsage and boutonniere packages ensure the flowers look great together in the photos.

Display these coordinating items as sets to inspire impulse buys when customer are placing their orders.

Trendy ties and knuckle rings

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Suggest that your more adventurous prom guys sport a trendy floral tie.

Glue textural materials like these tiny succulents, eucalyptus seeds and foliages into the traditional bow tie form and finish off with a leaf-wrapped center. It looks like a living tie!

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Knuckle rings are popular this season. Make one by fashioning the foundation from aluminum wire woven into a rectangular shape (like above) with a ring shape beneath. The flowers are then glued in place atop the wire form.

This design could be made into a bout if placed on a strip of flat wire.

Keep the wristlets light

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Lomey wristlets make a good base for one-size-fits-all wristlet designs. Create lightweight and comfortable designs so your prom customers are more likely to wear them at the dance.

It’s easy to wire a bow to the center of the wristlet. Use a lightweight florist wire like a 26-gauge. Take care to tuck the tips of the wire back into the bow so it can’t scratch the wearer’s arm.

What new ideas can you share for creating a fun floral experience for your prom customers? Add yours in the comment section below.

Glue flowers between the loops of the bow to keep them securely in place. Start by adding a dab of glue to the space where the flower will sit.

Dip the flower stem into the glue, then place and hold it for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky and the flower is securely in place.

Incorporate trendy elements

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Be creative with decorative wire. You can use it to freeform the backings and shapes of floral accessories to increase their customer appeal.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

3/16” flat wire is easy to shape. Use it to create unique forms that give your bouts and bracelets a custom vibe.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Bind wire bright is an easy floral accessory to add to the stem of a boutonniere for color, texture and a finishing touch.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Lomey wristlets can be spray painted or covered with ribbons to match dresses along with variety of bows and flowers.

Save time and labor

Save time and labor by setting up a prom production line.

Segment your orders by variety or color of flowers. Bring to your workspace the coordinating buckets of flowers along with matching decorative accessories.

Prom floral designs | OASIS Floral Producs

Create many wristlets at once with these five steps:

  1. Slip a PVC pipe inside a row of bracelets to make it easy to glue several at one time.
  2. Go down the row of wristlets gluing flowers into place.
  3. Mist the finished designs with an anti-transpirant. Crowning Glory’s wax-like properties seal moisture in, keeping flowers in their current state of freshness longer. Finishing Touch hydrates through the petals to help flowers continue to open and stay fresh.
  4. Allow flowers to dry before packaging them for the cooler.
  5. Organize labeled packages in the cooler alphabetically or by scheduled pickup times.

Keep it simple, make it fun!

Prom night is an exciting time for students – take advantage of the opportunity to train your next generation of customers in the simple joy of buying and giving flowers.

Make it fun and easy to purchase prom flowers from your floral business!

What new ideas can you share for creating a fun floral experience for your prom customers? Add yours in the comment section below.


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Yes, using proper photo credits, if credits are listed; we often include photos other people have shared with us.

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