5 Floral Trends for 2019 from AmericasMart

Which floral trends will appeal to your clientele this year? Fingertip bouquets (and a new way to make them)? Nostalgia? Hand-forged? Christmas cute? Smithers-Oasis showcased five 2019 trends in their showroom at the AmericasMart January Gift Show in Atlanta, which ends today. The focus was holiday 2019, but the trends and many of the products apply for Valentine’s, spring and the rest of the year. Consider these practical ways you can use these five looks to upsell everyday and holiday designs this year. What five treasure trends did we find in the Smithers-Oasis showroom? Read on.

Fingertip bouquets

One of the most fun products on display are new Clayrton's pleated sleeves and containers. These pleated sleeves make it a cinch to cover the stems of a fingertip bouquet in a colorful pleated sleeve. Bouquets can be safely dropped into a container with water once your customer is home. Dress-up your bouquets for different occasions throughout the year with the trendy mix of colors and patterns available. Red, green, gold, silver debuted in Atlanta and will be available in late summer for the holiday season. Available now, the rubis assortment and naturel assortment are perfect for inspiring spring impulse sales. Think Valentine and Mother’s Day grab-&-gos, dance recital bouquets, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and graduation celebration bouquets or everyday pick-me-up bouquets. Just make small clustered flower bouquets and secure them with florist wire, waterproof floral tape or a cable tie. Use decorative wire, ribbon or one of the interesting new colors of bind wire or other decorative accessory. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-1"] These affordable pleated covers can also be slid over a basic glass vase or cover a plant pot as a simple upgrade for flower arrangements and plants. Place small wrapped clustered bouquets in a water source on your sales-counter to encourage fresh flower impulse buys. https://www.facebook.com/OASISFloralProducts/videos/2636190116607294/

70s nostalgia

Consumers who love the ‘70s will enjoy the resurgence of back-in-the-day looks we’re calling Believe. Too young to have lived through the era? Believe is a playful throwback to a more basic time. In celebration of the country’s bicentennial, the 1970s bespoke of a traditional style juxtaposed to sleek mid-century modernism still in force in the ‘60s. Americana was the theme of the day. Red, white and blue was as much a vibe as it was a color harmony. The styles of the day can be celebrated with decorations made of plants, flowers and natural materials. Covered in mounds of green trick dianthus and white trachelium topped by velvet-textured trees, this natural wreath design reminds us of afternoons making terrariums at the local flower shop. This design is wrapped in aspidistra leaves attached with UGLU strips and greening pins. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-2"] We celebrate our settler’s heritage with oak and crafts revival materials like natural fibers for macramé. Rough textured containers look as though they were fashioned from clay. The 70s brought us minimalism, consumerism and high-tech futurism similar to the times of contraction we are experiencing today. What carries through both eras is our love of nature again influencing both fashion and home décor.

Hand forged

Does the look of hand-forged items takes you back to a time where quality handcrafted materials endured repetitive use through the years? Then you’ll love today’s trend that offers that same timeless quality. From all things rustic, to barn wedding centerpieces and farmhouse chic décor, traditional back-to-basics trends embrace the earth elements and natural materials we’ve always loved. Fill a glossy metal container with an abundance of flowers or let a rough-textured box hold a few simple blooms with berries and a bird. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-3"] Mixing handmade and industrial looking materials continues to be popular this season. Iron. Metal. Leather. Finished wood in warm, darkened tones. We get that ‘gather round the fire’ feeling from the visual strength of this year’s emerging hand forged trend. Surrounding ourselves with sustainable handmade elements in the home makes us feel more in touch with the earth and our roots. Look for this trend to grow.

Northern lights

[rev_slider alias="5 2019-trends-4"] First Elsa in the movie Frozen showed us the ethereal beauty of a snowflake. Now the minimalist Scandinavian trend, Northern Lights, nourishes our desire for sanctuary, calm, peace and the absence of distraction in a world of technology overload. Think relaxed and cozy in comfy clothes in a room featuring light-colored wood with a cup of steaming hot cocoa. This is the feeling we want to communicate with our flowers and plants. This light-hued mix of soothing grey and milky white materials brings to winter a crisp and neutral style. Add candlelight and greenery for a pristine, but celebratory, holiday feel. These same geometric patterns and soft neutral colors will be popular for live plants and flowers throughout the year. Small and delicate materials such as tiny buds, blooms, berries and snippets of foliages offer that just-gathered-from-the-outdoors look popular now. Light wood flooring is the fastest rising trend for home flooring, so look for light colored wood accents and containers to be popular as well. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-5"] While the Northern Lights trend is about seeking the balanced Swedish lifestyle, that doesn’t necessarily mean colorless. Northern Lights also reflects the brilliant polar shades of the Aurora Borealis seen in the cold winter skies of the far north. A trip that’s high on my bucket list! The same vivid reds, greens and purples seen dancing in the winter skies can be enjoyed in a centerpiece on the table.

Autumn hues

[rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-6"] Somehow the year always winds us back around to Thanksgiving, celebrating being home with family for a meal of gratitude. The autumn season is a harvest celebration of color, texture and form: fruits and veggies or vines and berries mixed with metals and woods. We can use these materials to give a message of thanks. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-7"] The rich root vegetable hues of the season are gathered into a weathered metallic container. Home-grown or something more refined, let the natural characteristics of the seasonal produce guide you when making your selections.

Christmas cute

Which brings us back to the Christmas holiday season. Our mug of hot cocoa now hold a small design of flowers perfect for a grab & go impulse sale. [rev_slider alias="5-2019-trends-8"] While making big plans, don’t forget to include small arrangements that fit a thoughtful but tight budget. The clever little bears in this collection look cute with an eye-catching floral headdress. Along with your substantial designs, include a few cute characters for customers with a quick sense of humor. A smile is never wasted! Which one of the five styles listed above do you prefer? Please leave a comment below suggesting how you would use these looks this year.

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