4 Spring Flower Hacks for Winning New Customers

When it comes to designing fresh spring flowers, Kaylin Potter thinks less is more. The Casper, Wyoming, floral designer created a simple and elegant arrangement, 'using less flowers' to create 'more visual impact.' She instantly knew the design was a winner and photographed it. Kaylin entered the photo in the OASIS Floral Products Inspire Floral Design Showcase 2016. Her design was chosen as the Spring Holiday Most Inspirational design. Smithers-Oasis Floral Design Director Kevin Ylvisaker recreated the design for OASIS Floral Products print advertising to run in 2017. Kaylin shares with us her flower hacks for creating winning designs and attracting new spring customers.

1. Experiment with new design techniques

“One of the things I love most about being a florist is that every day is different. I enjoy learning something new each day from my co-workers, attending classes and trying new things,” says Kaylin. Last year, she attended a Floriology class in Jacksonville, Florida. “When they talked about grouping flowers for visual impact, it inspired me to try the style. I found that I enjoy grouping premium flowers as I think it produces a pleasing effect.” It’s a good technique for showcasing spring flowers like tulips that can sometimes be hard to work with due to their delicate stems.

2. Add flair to traditional spring flower designs

[rev_slider alias="2017-inspire-spring-2"] Spring is one of the busier times of year for Keefe’s Flowers where Kaylin is employed. Everyday gifts are a significant portion of their daily business. She loves the season as it blends well with her floral skills. Kaylin's signature style is traditional with a flair. “This style of design appeals to our customers who love classic spring flowers but enjoy seeing them arranged with a modern twist.” “Creating modern designs can set a florist apart from their competitors,” Kaylin says. These arrangements communicate a simple and timeless look for the customer. They also portray a more talented approach to using non-traditional elements such as OASIS™ Flat Wire used above to bind flower stems into groups. “I love creating this design because, in our market, customers are not always open to trying a different design style” explains Kaylin - this modern arrangement helps to build their trust for giving us more freedom to create contemporary designs in the future.”

3. Connect with students to increase prom sales

In the spring, Kaylin invites a local high school interior design class to tour the shop. She demonstrates a simple bud vase program called ‘Four ways to make it different.’ Connecting with students in this way has helped to build a substantial prom business for Keefe’s Flowers. “Long hours, paint and wire” are inherent to prom season in the flower shop. Kaylin finds that more young clients are requesting unique designs. In fact, she and her co-workers customize 98% of their prom orders. Fortunately, these discerning new customers are more interactive with the shop on social media and increasingly interested in purchasing flowers for every day. “I find it amazing that we establish a connection with our prom customers and later that relationship brings them back to us long-term when they want to send flowers,” says Kaylin.

4. Make plans for growing the business

[rev_slider alias="2017-inspire-spring"] Keefe’s Flowers offers a monthly ‘charity bouquet’ with proceeds from the sale going to a local cause. They are relocating to a larger facility in another area and have plans to expand business by offering more in-store promotions, events and floral experiences. “In our new shop, we plan to provide DIY classes to connect with customers who want to learn basic design. Attendees will play one price for a kit, glass of wine and hands-on instructions for arranging flowers. Following the steps that I teach, each student will create an arrangement they can take home,” explains Kaylin. In the arrangement photo above, decorative elements like OASIS™ Aluminum Wire1/2" OASIS™ Flat Wire and OASIS Wok can be used to create simple designs for hands-on classes. “We also service a lot of DIY brides that purchase cut flowers and hard-goods for their weddings,” says Kaylin. Follow this link to WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holders that can be sold for DIY. In addition to hands-on classes and DIY packages, the shop plans to add art shows and charity events in the new location. “The goal is to offer activities that will bring in a more diverse population that isn’t necessarily our target customer now,” explains Kaylin.

What inspires Kaylin’s love of her work?

“I am inspired by my co-workers every day at work. Each individual brings a compelling new idea or style to the table every single day. I also love attending design shows, classes  and seminars where leaders, designers  and speakers are igniting the fire to go beyond conventional thinking to create outstanding designs.” As for choosing a spring flower favorite, Kaylin says it changes by the week. “When you see so many beautiful flowers, it’s hard to choose just one, but I must say the first tulips of Spring are always inspiring. I especially love the colorful parrot tulip. When they start to arrive in snow-covered Wyoming, it gives me hope that spring is on the way.” What spring holiday flower hacks do you have to share?

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