10 Tips for ‘Salebrating’ Christmas in July with Flowers

45_00852_HOLIDAY2012_HR2 600If you thought Christmas in July was the marketing genius of retailers aimed at increasing summer sales, guess again. Some sources say this weather-related celebration first took place in Europe. Others believe that a group of Irish tourists visiting the Sydney Blue Mountains of Australia in the 1980s brought the idea to life. Either way, the idea appears to have begun not with retailers but as a spontaneous celebration. Regardless of its origins, this modern holiday offers us another opportunity to celebrate life with flowers!

Christmas in July

As the story goes, Irish tourists visiting Australia in July were inspired by the white and frosty fields of snow in the ski region of New South Wales. Having left summer weather in their homeland, they were reminded of winter and they convinced their host to help them celebrate with a Yuletide party. Local businesses joined in and Christmas in July was born. The idea grew. The blarney bashes evolved into regional festivals. Savvy businesses caught onto the sales bonus of celebrating a gift-giving holiday twice a year. Christmas in July parties complete with Santa and gifts became a new tradition to enjoy, especially in Australia, where the day is now a national holiday. Soon Christmas in July promotions began to pop up other places, including America.

Join the party and add to your summer sales

How can you use the Christmas in July concept to add to your summer sales? Everyone loves a good party or a great discount. Here’s 10 ideas:
  1. Create your fresh holiday design collection and take photographs to use in your promotions.
  2.  Create an email newsletter sharing the latest trends for the upcoming holiday season.
  3. Offer an in-store design demo of new trendy decorations that can be pre-ordered.
  4. Offer a discount for holiday items pre-ordered within the next 30 days.45_83402_HOLIDAY2015_HR2 600
  5. Add new holiday designs to your website now with a promo code for advance orders.
  6. Post the newly created designs on Social Media and ask for advance orders there.
  7. Offer a free flower to each person who shares your post. (To be picked up in-store.)
  8. Use 1" OASIS™ Flat Wire, Red (also ¼” or ½” widths) to create a modern ribbon effect.
  9. Update your look using 1" x 3" UGLU™ Adhesive Strips to adhere OASIS Decorative Wire to containers.
  10. Incorporate organic containers like 6" ECOssentials Cylinder, Moss in your Christmas Collection.
When it’s time to decorate the flower shop for the holiday season, send invitations for a trim-the-tree party. Share tree-decorating tips, refreshments, and allow attendees to see the new holiday merchandise first. Post party photos online. Be sure to turn the air conditioning down and the holiday music up!

Prepare for December in July

Many retailers take advantage of this traditionally slow season to prepare in advance for the upcoming holidays. In addition to buying trips and offseason sales, July is an organizing time for retailers. It marks the beginning of faux botanical design prep for the holiday season. It’s a great time to contact commercial accounts for advance holiday orders and to introduce the year’s new trends to customers.

When is Christmas in July?

1053_HOLIDAY2014_HR28 600There is no specific July date for celebrating these holiday happenings; it’s more of a reveling vibe than a space marked on the calendar. The timing works especially well for families who live in separate states. It can be easier and less expensive to get together during a July vacation than to travel during the December holidays. Christmas in July can be a lot of fun or a great time for pre-planning the upcoming season. It’s not meant to take anything away from the religious celebrations of the real Christmas in December. It is simply another opportunity to enjoy family and friends or make advance preparations for celebrating the true spirit of the upcoming holidays. How can you best serve your customers by getting a head start with Christmas in July?

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