Floralife® Floral Cleaner

SKU: 84-12041-pack

Cleans and deodorizes floral buckets, tools, work surfaces, vases, containers, coolers, as well as shipping and packing areas. Flower wellness brings customer satisfaction and repeat flower sales to your business.

Use as a general purpose detergent for efficient cleaning. Clean to reduce the plugging up of flower stems, which reduces water uptake. Improve flower life as a result of a cleaner environment.

  • Cleans and deodorizes working surfaces, tools, buckets, cooler walls, etc.
  • Helps keep floral departments clean and odor free
  • Helps reduces cross-contamination from flower processing tools
  • Helps promote a clean floral processing operation for an overall general improvement in flower quality
  • Will not harm plants or flowers
  • Ready-to-use (RTU) solution
  • Easy to use, no mixing instruction requirements for less mistakes and helps reduces improper use
  • Reduce time required in cleaning buckets
  • Pleasant scent

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