Floralife® ForEver Green

SKU: 83-32024-case


This specially designed spray is safe for all evergreens and leatherleaf ferns. Drying clear with no pesky residue, Floralife® ForEver Green aids in holding moisture, resulting in less needles dropping. Perfect for use with holiday decorations or outdoor porch pots; it reduces drying, browning and wilting.

Floralife®  ForEver Green can also be used as a dip application with cut evergreens used in arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, wedding designs or stand alone as a cut tree. Create lasting and vibrant color on your evergreens!

  • Ready-to-use spray. No mixing required.
  • Spray dries to a clear finish with no residue.
  • Specially designed for use with evergreens, trees, wreaths, garlands, leatherleaf ferns or outdoor porch pots.
  • Aids in holding moisture, resulting in less needles dropping.
  • Reduces dehydration, browning and wilting.
  • Provides optimal longevity and maintains color vibrancy of evergreens.

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