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The journey of a flower from seed to centerpiece is filled with potential for sustainability. We're dedicated to harnessing this potential by innovating in how we develop our products. This means selecting more sustainable materials, focusing on material end of life, and choosing packaging made from recycled or more sustainable materials. Our goal is to help you create floral designs that not only wow your customers, but help Design A Better World.

Sustainable Design Principles

Adopt a design for sustainability (DfS) approach, ensuring products are designed with their entire lifecycle in mind, including durability, repairability, recyclability, and the use of sustainable materials.

More Sustainable Materials

Prioritize the use of renewable, recycled, and non-toxic materials in product development to minimize environmental impact.

Innovation in Product Development

Invest in R&D for sustainable products and processes, encouraging innovation that leads to breakthroughs in sustainability.

Customer Engagement and Transparency

Provide clear information to consumers about the sustainability of products like floral foam.

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Engage with customers on sustainability issues, gathering feedback and ideas that can inform future product development.

Supplier Engagement

Work closely with suppliers to ensure they meet sustainability standards, including the ethical sourcing of materials and the reduction of environmental impacts in the supply chain.

Sustainability Training for Product Developers

Encourage a culture of sustainability innovation among product development teams, recognizing and rewarding sustainable product innovations.

Regulatory Compliance and Beyond

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements related to product sustainability, ensuring products meet or exceed standards.

NO GREENWASHING, EVER. We have a clear process around claims and create an environment where greenwashing claims is never ok. 

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