We strive to provide the best service and a quality product to our loyal customers. It has come to our attention that there is a quality issue with some of our OASIS® Floral Adhesive – item no. 31-01532, lot no. XXX, XXX (see graphic below on how to locate your lot number).

We apologize that this product did not meet your expectations and would like to correct this. We have isolated the problem, changes to the formulation have been made and the issue has been resolved.

If the OASIS® Floral Adhesive has not performed to your satisfaction, please complete the form below and you will be redirected to an ordering portal to place your order for a FREE replacement product. To make it easier for you, it is not necessary to return the product. Please allow for 2-4 weeks to receive your free OASIS® floral adhesive.

You can locate your Lot number on the back of your floral adhesive tube

Thank you for your patience as we work to get this issue resolved in a timely manner and work to provide you with the quality product you expect from Smithers-Oasis.

For our Canadian Floral Professionals, please visit your wholesaler for further instructions.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our customer service at 1-800-321-8286 or usaorders@smithersoasis.com