Laura Daluga


Laura Daluga AIFD is a designer at Keller & Stein in Canton, Michigan. She is also the owner of the Department of Floristry, a design studio specializing in special events and corporate designs, floral sculpture, and fleur couture.

Laura is a fourth-generation florist, growing up playing with dropped stems in the flower shop owned by her parents. she is a millennial designer with education, experience and an open mind.

“I am passionate about integrating the mindset of millennials with today’s flower shops,” said Laura. Her goals are to make this communal, crowd-sourced and collaborative, rather than competitive, generation part of the next generation of flower shop owners.

She is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, Certified Floral Designer, Coordinator Art of Floral Exhibit Chicago Flower and Garden Show, designer at Art In Bloom at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Fleurotica at the Garfield Park, and People’s Choice winner of the Iron Designers America for the International Floral Expo in 2016.