Floral Design Starter Kit Guide

Follow these Step-By-Step Instructions for the Floral Arrangement

Step 1.  First, soak the Midnight Floral Foam in an ample amount of water with dissolved Floralife flower food. Set your dry foam on top of the water and let the foam take up the water slowly to keep out unwanted air pockets. If you Press the foam into the water you can create an air pocket at the center. Any flower stems reaching this dry space will not have a water source.

So please don’t push it down.

After it is dark in color and saturated, trim the bottom four corners of the foam and place within the container so it fits snugly. 

Step 2.  Place two strips of Oasis Waterproof tape over the foam and secure to the container. Now you are ready for creativity and fun!

Step 3. Begin by cutting fresh flowers and foliage and inserting them into the floral foam no less than ½ inch and no more than 2 inches, until the stems are secure.

Step 4.  Decide on a basic shape for your design such as a loose triangle or fan shape. Use your flowers and greens to help create the shape. Camouflage the Oasis Waterproof Tape with the flowers and foliage but do not worry about covering every bit of the Midnight Floral Foam. The dark color will disappear, making it unnecessary to cover up like you would do with green foam.

Step 5. Continue to add greens and small flowers to fill in the design. Now is the time to get your creative juices are flowing!

Step 6. Insert a few larger blooms to add visual interest to the center of the arrangement.

Step 7. Finish your work of art by adding additional accent flowers around and in between the larger blooms. Finally, double check that there are no areas or large empty areas that need additional flowers or foliage. Add water to the container often to insure maximum flower life. Enjoy the beautiful design that you created!

Watch this Video Tutorial on using the Floral Design Starter Kit