FloraLife® Bouquet Wrap prevents the wilting of cut flowers and floral bouquets during shipping and transport.

This quick and easdy hydration system, supplies the solution flowers need whenever a convenient water source is not available, such as during the stressful shipping process. As a result, flowers will arrive fresher looking, improving the customer experience and encouraging repeat sales. The highly absorbent Bouquet Wrap material is dipped in water, wrapped around the stem ends, then sealed in a bag to prevent leakage. Flowers can be stored upright or flat without leakage. For best results, pads should be soaked in a FloraLife® flower food.

Product Features and Benefits

• 70% plant-based material is highly absorbent.
• Continuously hydrates flowers during shipping (tested up to 48 hours).
• Prevents flowers from wilting.
• Stops spills, transport flowers upright or lying down.
• Flowers arrive hydrated and fresher looking, improving the customer experience.
• Perfect for any event where no convenient water source is available, like outdoor weddings.
• Can last for days.

Simple to Use

• Hydrate bouquets in FloraLife® flower food in flower cooler for a minimum of 2 hours.
• Apply bouquet wrap dry around stem end and secure with rubber band, or soak pad first, then apply to stem ends.
• If applied dry, dip stem ends in to water or FloraLife® flower food solution until fully soaked (no need to over-soak).
• Insert wrapped stem end into bag and secure with rubber band.
• For more detailed use information, refer to the Use Instructions document.

Item No: 81-97002
Description: Bouquet Wrap Kit
Pack Size: 10 Kits
Case: 20 Packs

This item provides you with materials to make 200 bunches. Each kit includes FloraLife® Bouquet Wrap absorbent material, plastic bag and 2 rubber bands. Instructions for use are printed on each bag.

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