Turn Wedding Cakes into Fabulous Flower Cake Tables

Looking for the latest sweet ideas for wedding reception decorations? “Focusing on the cake table is one of the newest wedding trends,” says Mandy Majerik AIFD of Hothouse Design Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. “I always suggest to a bride that she have at least one wow factor in her décor. If the cake is one of her top priorities, I like to call attention to it to create visual impact in the room.” “I think we will see some unique table shapes being used in the coming year, such as hexagon shapes or large squares,” says Mandy. “It is up to us, the creatives, to accent those areas with floral materials!” What are her favorite flowers for cakes? And what floral mechanics does she use to create these showstoppers?

Favorite flowers for decorating cakes?

Romantic blooms are by far Mandy’s favorite flowers for decorating cakes. She loves the lush look of open garden roses and peonies juxtaposed in scale by the smaller size of white Majolika spray roses. Mandy remembers one cake display with a live garden that was her favorite. “We covered the top with flowers and placed a growing garden around the base of the cake table itself.”

The biggest challenge?

The biggest cake design challenge is calculating the number of blooms for these unique installations. “I typically do it per square foot and then calculate my needs from there,” explains Mandy. “You'll learn a lot about measurements of radius and diameter. It will make you appreciate that geometry class!” Brides sometimes prefer to have a 'fake cake' on the table for photos. Why? Because they want their fabulous cake table decor focal area to last all night long. “They don't like to see a pile of messy cake after it's cut still sitting in a beautiful setting,” Mandy says. “I can't say I blame them!”

Mechanics start with a good water source

Providing a good water source for the flowers is important to the foundation of abundant designs. These arrangements can be made in the shop and delivered in parts for installation or created on-site if there’s time and space. “I love using the Floral Foam Tiles when we are completely covering the top of a cake table with fresh floral,” she says. “I also use Lomey Dishes or designer plastic containers or casket saddles if I need to surround the base of a cake table.” Floral foam wreaths are often used for fresh flowers surrounding the base layer of a cake. Using a flat-based brick garland is another way to encircle a cake with flowers in a water source.

Placing flowers on a cake

When it comes to flowers placed directly on the cake, “most of our brides prefer we use single stem placement on the cake tiers instead of a small foam holder. We typically wrap the stems in plastic or floral tape if needed,” says Mandy. “Some of our cake bakers simply apply the fresh blooms with icing extras.” Some areas of the country have regulations against flowers being inserted into the cake itself. Many brides prefer that flowers not touch the actual cake layers. In this case, you can ask your cake baker to place small mounds of icing in the areas where flowers will be placed or leave a small tube of extra icing for you to use. The flower stems are inserted only into the mounds of icing, which can be removed with a cake server after photos and before the cake is cut.

Repurposing a circular floral arch

Personalized cakes offer the perfect opportunity to express the personality of a couple in an unexpected way. An abundance of flowers makes a beautiful statement, but sometimes the theme can be expressed by other elements. If the bride has chosen a circular arch for her ceremony, Mandy can create a sensational setting by repurposing the form to become a backdrop for the cake. “We like to re-use any of our structures,” suggests Mandy. “Some are easier to move than others, so we typically suggest those that can easily be moved.” “If moving a structure from ceremony to reception space requires going through doorways, be sure you have appropriate clearance and carts handy!” Wedding cakes are a long-cherished tradition. “Never hesitate to suggest something more than a normal table for the cake area.” Kim Morrill suggested one of her brides use individual wedding cakes for each guest table. See the details in this blog. For the how-to of a rose-covered tablecloth, see Ian Prosser's design tips in this blog. “As designers,” says Mandy, “this is our opportunity to suggest an impactful floral-filled area that will live on forever in those wedding albums!” How can you encourage your brides to upgrade their flower list with a fabulous cake table?


I would like to design round arch for my bride I have tried to use floral cages zip tries but they are to small it keep falling down can you please help with this. Please advise what I’m doing wrong or
what mechanics can I use so the cages stay on the arch round. I was using a block of floral foam and
chicken wire it so heavy with water is there some thing lighter to use.

Thank you.

Angela Blackmon August 17, 2020
Fabulous ideas and photos for Wedding cake tables! I would love to design similar flowers for my brides.
Mary Marder December 18, 2019

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