Top 5 Wedding Blogs for 2019

When it comes to 2019 wedding décor, bigger is better and Mother Nature is the special guest of many celebrations!

Gorgeous garden style weddings have been plentiful this year. Many trend-savvy couples planned their own secret gardens using bouquets, arches, walls, table runners, and chandeliers draped with flowers and foliages – both fresh and dried.

Which of the five most popular 2019 wedding blogs did our readers fall in love with?

Let’s make it six and start with our honorable mention.

Honorable Mention

Photo: Carlie Statsky @carliestatsky

We get lots of wedding questions about both Ceremony Circles and Pampas Grass. You may find the answers you’re looking for in this informative blog.

While it didn’t make our reader’s Top 5 list, it was close and this blog is definitely worth reading.

Enjoy - Popular Pretty Pampas Grass Ceremony Circles Made Easier

Top 5 Wedding Blogs in 2019

Which blogs did make the Top 5 list of favorites?

According to the numbers of our open-rates, these were the five faves. Read through the list and let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments below the blog.  We value your opinion!

Let’s begin the countdown with number five.

5. Tropical tips - Flowers for a Bahama Beach Wedding

Photo: Adam Havrilla/Artistic Blooms

Have you ever dreamed of designing wedding flowers on the sandy shores of a tropical isle?

While designing weddings internationally sounds like a dream job, even dream days have their challenges.  

When there’s no hardware store on the island to run to, you can’t afford to forget anything! Every detail has to be planned out perfectly in advance. Fresh items. Hard goods. Execution.

Often there are more hours invested in planning and procurement than actual installation. It’s a big job even for a talented team!

This gorgeous rose arbor was designed to frame the ocean view and ceremony for the guests. How many flowers did it take? How did the designers accomplish this task, along with all of the other wedding flowers required, in a short period of time?

Click for details - Tropical tips - Flowers for Bahama Beaching Wedding.

4. Destination Designing - Flowers for a Black-tie, Backyard

Photo: Tim Willoughby

When your backyard goes from a hangout to a happening, it requires a lot of work from a team of talented people. Even when you begin with a gorgeous garden!

How was this event pulled together using tents, boxwood backgrounds, plush seating areas, a circular bar and lots of elegant white flowers mixed with rich green foliages?

Inside the tent, the hanging chandelier became decorative elements when fresh Italian ruscus encircled their fabric-sleeved wires. While pretty, pinning ruscus into the fabric is time-consuming.

This destination designer encourages you plan to ahead to allow enough design time for this task and other parts of the on-site  installation.

See the details of this beautiful wedding by following this link to the blogDestination Designing - Flowers for a Black-tie, Backyard

3. Inspired by Color - Flowers for a Summer Wedding

Photo: Haley Terrell Photography

Fashionable flowers for weddings in the 1940’s, 60’s and 80’s often included cascading bouquets. This classic bouquet style is on-trend once again as we move into 2020.

It was once called a waterfall or shower bouquet for its descending lines of flowing floral materials. Today’s ‘cascade’ still features the basic teardrop shape; often in interpretive form.

This style can be designed in budget, moderate, or opulent price ranges. If a big bouquet is too costly, a carefully crafted smaller cascade can be just as beautiful.

Actual cost depends on the choice of materials, size of bouquet, and design labor required.

Using an armature

A garden botanical style cascading bouquet can be made in many ways. A floral foam-filled bouquet holder, floral mesh or wire armature holder, or hand tied are popular options.

This hand-tied bouquet was designed on a hand-made armature. The structure helps to support the weight of the flowers.

What is an armature? Visit this blog for the definition and construction details - Inspired by Color – Flowers for a Summer Wedding

2. Floral Chandelier and a Kentucky Horse Farm Wedding

Photo: John Kittinger AIFD

What’s so special about celebrating an event on a horse farm?

Natural settings with breathtaking scenery are a popular wedding trend this year and Kentucky horse farms are among the most beautiful venues in the world.

The sky’s the limit for floral ceiling décor at elegant wedding and social events.

The price of a floral chandelier can vary greatly. In addition to flower and hard-good costs, there’s often a significant labor charge to cover the time-consuming task.

Careful planning is needed when a suspended chandelier will hang overhead above guests. Weight, floral mechanics, water source, water drippage, and installation efficiency must all be considered.

Rectangular chandelier

An elegant Kentucky horse farm wedding reception was the perfect showtime for this stellar 6.5-foot diameter rectangular floral chandelier.

This design was created by filling two Accent Décor hanging forms with bricks of wet floral foam and flowers.

Details on how the chandelier was constructed are available in this blog -Floral Chandelier and a Kentucky Horse Farm Wedding

1. Wedding Cake Table Runner & Flower Wall ‘Take the Cake!'

Photo: Mark Garber Photography

This blog of beautiful flowers not only “Takes the Cake” it takes first place!

This amazing wedding offers many new ideas, but features two especially breathtaking designs - the cake table runner and flower mural. Both were made with floral foam tiles.

This opulent floral table runner truly makes this bride’s cake table the belle of the ball. While easy to construct, it has the look of intricate detail.

Described interchangeably as flower walls or murals, these impressive background designs are not diminishing in popularity. These fragrant natural beauties are often used as an elegant focal point, backdrop, or escort card display at weddings or social events.

This particular flower mural helped to camouflage the room’s existing stationary iron railing that it was attached to.

For the how-to details of creating both sumptuous designs and other wedding flower ideas click on this link to the blog. Wedding Cake Table Runner & Flower Wall ‘Take the Cake!'

What do you think?  

Do you agree with the Top 5 + honorable mention wedding blog choices our readers were most  attracted to? Let us know in the comments below.

Which 2019 wedding blog was your favorite?

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