Three Designers Take Wedding Flowers to New Heights with Chic Floral Chandeliers

Ballroom ceilings just became hot real estate for uber chic wedding flowers! The on-trend display of sumptuous floral chandeliers takes over-the-top event décor to splendid new heights. These exquisite flower-draping designs are all the rage for brides who embrace the adage – ‘it’s not done until it’s overdone!’ [rev_slider alias="three-designers-take-1"]

Photo credit: M Little Photography Tipton & Hurst

Floral chandeliers can take several decorative forms including suspended centerpieces, architectural accents or canopies of flowers. Three designers share with us this week their designs and methods.

Suspended centerpieces

According to Chris Norwood AIFD, PFCI and vice president of Tipton & Hurst in Little Rock, Arkansas - sculptural chandeliers are a popular choice for brides this season. “Nine out of ten of these designs are used to enhance tents, ballrooms and other large facilities.” Chris suggests that when using a pre-existing chandelier as the base, we “begin by draping it with fresh greenery like smilax or another vine product over the form. Attach IGLU® Grande Holders or an Oasis wreath form in the middle for stem insertions on top.” To build the multi-tiered part of the suspended structure Chris says he prefers to use “the Oasis wreath ring.” The OASIS® Mache Wreath available in 24”, 22” and 18” widths works well for this purpose. “You can save last minute design time and create lighter weight structures by filling the wreath bases with 75 percent silk flowers,” says Chris. “Add fresh hydrangeas or other flowers over the silks. You can’t tell a difference from a distance.” The top of the wreath forms will not be easily seen from the floor but Chris recommends they be “filled in with a green like Pitt (pittosporum) to cover mechanics. “ Chris advises removing all foliage, even the tiny leaves, from fresh hydrangeas before processing them to insure longevity. It also helps to hydrate with Floralife® Express Clear 200 and Floralife Quick Dip flower foods before designing and mist with Floralife Clear Crowning Glory afterward for peak performance. [rev_slider alias="three-designers-take-2"]

Photo credit: Rachelle Nyswonger AIFD

Architectural accents

Every little girl dreams of her wedding and imagines how beautiful it will be. For a floral designer, those dreams are in 3D. Rachelle Nyswonger AIFD of Flowers by Rachelle in Chico, California, was blessed. She had extraordinary flower dreams and a talented team of floral friends volunteering to make those dreams come true. This group of floral pros understood that incorporating the architecture details of a room into the floral décor creates visual harmony. At the reception, Rachelle’s ‘dream team’ used flowers to direct the focus of the large room to a small and beautifully decorated table that would hold the bride’s cake. A pair of tall columns, covered in floral materials, defined the space. Flowers hanging from the existing chandelier above carried the eye down to the table where the bride’s cake was added as the finishing touch after this photo was taken. [rev_slider alias="three-designers-take-3"]

Photo credit: Emily Pinon Bastille Flowers & Events

Canopy of flowers

“Chandeliers and other forms of hanging flower décor are also very popular in New York City,” says Katherine Gonzalez AIFD, event designer at Bastille Flowers and Events. “This style is most popular with our brides, but more corporate clients are starting to request something dramatic to hang over the dance floor or at the entry of their parties as well.” “Recently, brides have been asking for a more solid panel of hanging flowers and it’s becoming more popular to use a canopy of flowers for events,” according to Katherine. “As a florist, it’s great fun to design something a little different than the typical centerpieces on the table. Many brides are looking for a wild, whimsical and organic feel to their wedding flowers. A lush draping chandelier or canopy has become a natural ‘go to’ for creating that overgrown ‘secret garden’ effect.” While Katherine mentioned using Oasis products extensively in their installations, she also shared that “lumber and chicken wire have become our standard mechanic for building the frame of our canopy of flowers as long as the structure isn’t going to be huge and therefore too heavy. This frame gives us flexibility for creating unique styles and shapes.” Remember caution must be used to securely anchor any heavy object placed overhead due to liability concerns. When asked if there is one must have mechanic for these events, Katherine replies, “Glue dashes!” “As careful as we are with the installation, last minute touch-ups are always necessary. UGLU™ Adhesive Dashes are great for quickly adhering flowers and ribbons, etc., and to cover any minor blemishes,” advises Katherine. “We also typically use OASIS™ Bullion Wire to hang the crystal pendants or string together lightweight orchid garlands. Weddings and events are ‘looking up’ when it comes to the resplendent use of flowers for chic chandeliers. Incorporating the vast ceiling space of a large facility into the dazzling décor of a celebratory room adds the sense of grandeur many a bride has dreamed of. Want to see more floral chandelier styles? Which is your favorite style of floral chandelier?

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