How 2017 Floral Trends Can Help You Sell Flowers

How can florists use current trends to impact and grow their floral business? Some retailers believe that following a trend is a lot like reading tea leaves for an answer. Others know trends are indicators of what consumers might choose to do or buy in the coming year—they follow the trends to get a ‘heads up’ on coming business. [rev_slider alias="how-trends-can-help-1"]

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Although florists often focus on trends relating to color, wedding and flowers, Michael J. Skaff AIFD, a floral consultant and trends specialist in Savannah, Georgia, says it is equally important to consider other industry trends such as interior design, consumer goods and fashion. Michael recommends that "knowing the current trends and properly interpreting them for your region and consumer demographic is key to successfully utilizing the latest trends." In his 2017 Trend Report for International Floral Distributors (IFD), Michael identifies three major influences florists that can utilize to increase their flower sales and suggests ways to use trends to help grow your floral business.

Use trends to connect with the customer

"Florists can connect with consumers by using exciting new on-trend colors to create store vignettes and window displays that differentiate their business," says Michael, explaining one of the many ways a knowledge of trends can be beneficial to a flower shop. In today's world, consumers are connected by an array of social media and websites. Florists can use these opportunities to post photos and videos of in-store events, merchandising displays and daily or specialty designs online to connect with the customer. Michael also suggests "placing a trend page on your website or posting ongoing trend information on your blog or social media sites to capture the attention of consumers and give your shop a progressive look." Staying connected is especially important when doing business with Millennials, the largest age group of today's US population. They currently have more spending power than any other demographic age group. These young adults are very connected to social media and the web. It can be beneficial to a business to consider which trends these might attract potential customers.

Michael’s 2017 Trend Report for IFD

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Photo credit: International Floral Distributors (IFD)

1. The French Connection

"Fall in love with France all over again and experience the romance and refinement of this culture," Michael says of the first trend he shares. When you consider the styles for each season, you will always find a traditional style in the mix. Traditional design will never go out of vogue in our uncertain world because it brings a sense of comfort to our lives. "Moving away from bold in your face geometric patterns, this trend enchants us with intimate floral prints, rustic handmade ceramics and the charm that we love in a French style," explains Michael. This romantic look includes aged and elegantly refined pedestal vases, embellished with overabundant blooms of hydrangea, garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Add a rich blend of textures to floral designs with natural accents like viburnum berries, raspberries and seeded pods such as poppies and nigella. "What is not to love?" asks Michael. In this collection, red, yellow and green tones are ‘muddied' with added touches of gray and chocolate. "This trend is simply chic," says Michael, who admits the deep and rich color palette is one of his favorites.

2. The Force of Nature

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Photo credit: International Floral Distributors (IFD)

Faced with the chaotic and hectic pace of today, we seek to bring balance to our everyday lives using the calming forces of nature in theme No. 2. We see the influence of nature in the tranquil colors of sea and sky. Projected for 2017 is an explosion of natural blues and greens, in varied tints, tones and shades. This particular trend appeals to Michael whose own formal living room features pale teals, greens, black gray and tan. This style brings to mind the elements of sea glass, sand finishes on containers and beloved sea shells. Fashionable garden and heirloom flowers such as grape hyacinth, delphiniums, iris or veronica with other unexpected natural materials like vines, bark and stones are perfect for these micro-garden designs.

3. Modern Wonders

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Michael’s third theme combines simple modern lines with unique artifacts collected and curated from around the globe. Metallic copper is a major color in this earth elements collection for the upcoming year. This bold and strong yet warm color will be featured by many industries including tabletop, consumer goods and even automotive.

"We see copper as an international color used throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America," says Michael. Other colors supporting this theme are earthy browns, burgundy reds, muted grays, dusty lavenders and greens. Watch for snakeskin prints and fabrics to return in 2017. Florals that fit this look are either unique in shape or very linear. Tropicals work well with this trend and give it a modern appeal. Red ginger, chocolate cymbidiums and dusty lavender callas are just some of Michael's favorite suggestions for designing this look.

How can florists use these trends to their advantage?

People are attracted to new ideas. Inspire customers to make additional purchases by offering products in fashionable colors and styles. Become the resource for trend-savvy concepts and guide your clients in keeping up to date with other consumers to What other ways can you utilize the elements of these three floral trends to help grow your business in 2017? For more information on these upcoming trends and product offerings, visit the IFD website at

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