6 Ways Flowers "Talk Turkey" for Thanksgiving

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Photo credit Deb Key Imagery

No bird bashing intended, but when it’s time to get serious about setting a lovely table for Thanksgiving guests, flowers trump turkeys as the centerpiece. Some hosts like to consider their delectable turkey as the centerpiece of their holiday table. Unfortunately, the table looks quite barren once the big bird goes quickly from beautiful to bones at a large family gathering. Here are six ideas for using the color and fragrance of fresh flowers to decorate the home to help family and friends feel like special guests. Don’t stop with the dinner table—use flowers throughout the home to add a festive touch!

Speaking of turkeys….


Photo credit Sharon McGukin

Rambo was a wild turkey who visited our home uninvited for several years at Thanksgiving. In the days leading up to the holiday, Rambo could be seen at odd times nervously peeking in the dining room window as if making sure there was a centerpiece of flowers and not one of his fine-feathered friends. As guests arrived on Thanksgiving Day, this bad-tempered bird would parade back and forth in front of our door. Call it a picket line gone fowl! Sadly, he actually flogged a few people who attempted to cross his imaginary line. We often wondered if he resented the turkey roasting in our oven. Thankfully, there are less frightening ways to add a natural vibe to your Thanksgiving decor than the presence of a menacing live turkey!

Couture Flowers Magazine

To illustrate the warmth fresh flowers add to a home, my oldest son Drew and I recently participated in a Couture Flowers Magazine photo shoot with Publisher Ruth Loiseau and her daughter, Alexander Bromson. The New York City event took place in a Soho loft designed by Drew McGukin Interiors. I incorporated rustic-modern fall flower arrangements into Drew’s industrial-modern décor. Photographer Deb Key captured our design collaboration for the winter issue of coutureflowersmagazine.com. Feel free to share the six decorating techniques we used with your clientele. [rev_slider alias="talk-turkey-2"]

Photo credit Deb Key Imagery

1. Greet guests at the door with flowers

Hang a garland or wreath, design a tall arrangement or add plants to a planter, whatever fits the area best. Remind your clients that it’s a good idea to place seasonal decorations at the entrance to make guests feel like they have arrived at a special place. This personal touch sets the stage for a fun event before they even walk through the door.

2. Choose a horizontal centerpiece

Family and friends love to gather around the table and reminisce. A low and long centerpiece won’t interrupt sight lines but it can still make a bold seasonal statement that pulls the gathering together visually. This textural, fresh sedum and succulent mat, photographed above, accented by layers of natural materials and fresh flowers in 4" OASIS™ Water Tubes in as long-lasting as it is pretty. Be sure to place the design atop protective layers of waterproof padding so there can be no water damage to the table. Misting the design with Floralife® Finishing Touch Spray will help to keep the centerpiece fresh longer.

3. Highlight conversation areas

Use fresh flower arrangements to highlight designated conversation areas for a festive touch. Ask where guests will gather and accessorize the most eye-catching furnishings with flowers, plants or candles for holiday flair. Work with the color harmony and theme of each separate room or use a seasonal colors and flowers throughout the home for a unified look. Foliage like aspidistra leaves look great wrapped around a block of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife and tucked into a glass vase. The leaves visually add color and texture to the container.

4. Accent artwork

The artwork of a room can be a great conversation starter. Strategically place fresh flower or foliage arrangements to help guide the eye to the artwork. Play off the colors and textures of the art by either using complementary elements or use the juxtaposition of opposing materials. Smooth, lightweight bamboo ECOssentials are a good choice for a simple container that doesn’t compete with the artwork. [rev_slider alias="talk-turkey-3"]

Photo credit Deb Key Imagery

5. Expand the space

Interior space fills quickly when you have a lot of guests. Weather permitting, place flowers in window boxes, planters or on furnishings just outside of large, open glass windows or doors to visually connect the space with indoors. If you plan to insert fresh flowers or foliages into planters, etc. an OASIS™ Single Anchor Water Pick helps to do so securely and offers a water source for the flowers.

6. Place flowers on a bedside table

Greet overnight guests with a small vase of flowers placed on the bedside table. A warm welcome of color and soft fragrance lets them know you appreciate their visit. Be cautious of flowers with a heavy scent for someone who has allergies. If the guest has a private bath, place a small gift of flowers there, as well. Flowers make people feel happy and set the mood for celebration. When it comes to entertaining for the holidays, a beautiful floral centerpiece sets the stage for a celebratory meal. Adding vases of pretty flowers throughout the house continues this vibe of happiness. What holiday decorating ideas will you share with your customers this Thanksgiving season?

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